Monday, July 4, 2016

slightly silly: wet hot american summer

other than attending the mandatory barbecues and staying up late to watch fireworks, the other best thing to do on fourth of july is binge-watch something ridiculous, like, wet hot american summer and wet hot american summer: the first day of camp. even though the television series is technically a prequel to the movie, i don't recommend watching them in chronological order. the movie is what contextualizes the show. so watch that first and then the mini-series. it's amazing that either of these two things were made, and it's also amazing how everyone involved not only committed to doing it once, they've worked on it twice. and rumor has it that there is a second mini-series/television show coming at some point in the future. one can only imagine the jokes it can yet still mine from the source material.

basically i can't say enough good things about this. it's amazing and hilarious and stupidly funny. and it's american so it's patriotic. you're welcome.

happy fourth of july!

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