Saturday, July 2, 2016

seriously romantic: carousel of hearts by mary jo putney

baroness antonia thornton was the most stunning and shocking young lady of the ton. judith winslow was the perfect complement to antonia's bold beauty, her quiet good sense an ideal antidote to antonia's radical rebelliousness. 

but when dashing adam yorke appeared on the scene, accompanied by his good friend, the startingly handsome lord simon launceston, antonia and judith found themselves divided.

whom did adam love? whom would he wed? and who could possibly prefer him to the divine lord launceston? never had romance reveled in so many dizzying turnabouts as cupid emptied his quiver at hearts that would not stay still.....

carousel of hearts is an oldie, but a goodie. it's one of the books i inherited from my grandmother, and one that i read and re-read when i was only allowed to borrow from her collection. it is the perfect confection of utter ridiculousness and emotional storytelling. there's mixed up couples, amnesia, promises made and broken, arrangements made out of jealousy becoming something real—it's quite simply a treasure trove of romance tropes and it's all done so well. you love the characters in this novel—all of them. and it is a relief when they finally sort themselves out into the pairs that they were meant to be. it doesn't happen easily or quickly, the characters actually work for their happy ending. but when they finally get there it is so worth it. this book just makes me happy. i enjoy the story, but i also enjoy the memories i have of first reading it at my grandmother's house. i love that there are still things i can share with her even though she's been gone for a long time.

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