Sunday, July 24, 2016

seriously romantic: triple score by regina kyle

i've read two of the other books in this harlequin blaze mini-series and liked them, so when i saw that triple score was being released i added it to my pre-order list. the mini-series covers the romantic entanglements of the nelson siblings. and this novel is about the youngest nelson, noelle, a prima ballerina at a new york city ballet company who is out in phoenix undergoing rehab for a torn acl. she's also recovering from a humiliating, messy break-up and terrified that the career she has dedicated her adult life to will be permanently derailed if things go poorly.

enter jace monroe [stage left], a bad boy baseball player who's ucl injury may mean his playing days are over. he pushes himself hard, but he never forgets to make time for fun. and he's the perfect person to counterbalance all of noelle's seriousness.

from the moment these two characters meet there are sparks flying, and luckily they don't deny the attraction that bubbles between them when they come close together for too long. for a category romance we do actually get a nice amount of time to see the deepening relationship between the characters before things get complicated. jace's personal and professional problems get out of hand and he doesn't handle it well. but he figures things out. it's not a spoiler to say that these two characters get a happy ending, in fact the series as a whole gets a nice bow-tie ending with the epilogue to this story.

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