Friday, July 22, 2016

seriously romantic: knocked out by love by abby niles

i've never met a sports romance that i didn't like, and certainly knocked out by love by abby niles proves that i am a sucker for the genre. usually boxing/mma isn't my go-to sport, like scarlett (our heroine) i'm a football girl through and through. but lord knows these sexy, strong, bad boy athletes with the soft gooey cores are my jam. brody totally fits the stereotype. and oh, it makes him so easy to love.

knocked out by love is clearly the latest in the love to the extreme series, though it is the first one i've read. being a newcomer didn't affect my ability to enjoy the story or these characters. and, in fact, there are hints of future stories i am interested in seeing and i totally want to catch up on the previous four books in the series.

anyway, even though this is a sports romance, it deals with some heavy relationship issues. infidelity, wanting kids versus not wanting them, infertility, and i love the different perspectives the novel presented. the characters have real problems, but they aren't hopeless. and things aren't magically resolved by the end of the novel, these characters have to work for their happy ending. and i believe that they get there, but allowing us to see the characters struggle with their feelings and their beliefs makes the romance at the heart of the story more realistic.

scarlett and brody don't always make the right choice, but they do try to protect each other, and they do their best to build the other person up. the chemistry between them is palpable, and when they finally give into their feelings it is oh so hot.

while i call this a sports romance, it actually isn't too heavy on the sports because it is more focused on the characters and these heavier relationship issues. but brody is also facing some tough questions about the future of his mma career, and we do get to see him work through them. it would have been nice if scarlett had been more integrated into this part of his life, though it does make sense that she isn't given the way things unfold.

anyway, if you are a sucker for a sports romance, this book is worth checking out. i'm thinking it's probably worth checking out the whole series.

**knocked out by love will publish on august 15, 2016. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/entangled publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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