Tuesday, July 19, 2016

simply splitting hairs

so unless you live under a rock somewhere (or are my husband who assiduously avoids celebrity gossip) you've heard about the #kimye versus #swiftie feud.

it is the best. one of the things i find so amazing is when people are so offended that someone has LIED. doesn't everyone lie? and yet i'm sure that both #kimye and #swiftie are telling their truths here.

#kimye's snapchat videos of the phone call don't actually contradict what #swiftie has said. which were 1) she never heard the song and 2) she didn't approve the line "i made that bitch famous" however, #swiftie also totally exaggerated her unawareness of the song. kanye clearly quotes the first half of the lyric, they discuss it. so her avowals of it never being cleared with her ring false. but the snapchat videos have been obviously edited too. and i just don't trust #kimye's ability not to play with the truth to ensure that they come off in the best possible light. #mrswest in particular has made a career out of putting herself and her family forward in the most unREAL reality. so i'm not exactly buying what #kimye is selling.

which isn't to say that i buy what #swiftie is selling either. her moral outrage and victimhood here don't ring particularly true. at this point in her career she should be above these stupid blow ups on social media. but she's feuding with katy perry about a "backup dancer" (yeah, yeah we all know it's about john mayer who was like 4 boyfriends ago) and adam "calvin harris sounds like a black name" wiles, who is a terrible person pretty much in the same way taylor swift seems like a terrible person in that neither or them can let any slight, real or imagined go and of course, #kimye, who i just view as morally reprehensible people, so why taylor gave them any ground to claim righteousness is beyond me.

#swiftie is a brand. and she pr-manages the shit out of that brand. but they've fucked up on locking shit down, and that's where #queenbey remains queen. it will be interesting to see how this continues to play out. at the moment #swiftie is knocked down a peg or two, but i just don't see her staying down. especially not to the likes of #mrswest. but she has to play this carefully, because overexposure (like she says to #kanye) is a real problem she needs to consider. and it's a fine line she's walking with #hiddleswift/#swoki. it's hard to say that she's been #winning at her pr lately.

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