Monday, July 18, 2016

seriously romantic: one last fling by leela lou dahlin

one must wonder what amount of money would make a bachelor-type courtship worthwhile. especially if you aren't actually allowed to meet the bachelor in question until you are walking down the aisle. because that's the situation you read about in one last fling. i mean, these weren't questions i have ever thought all that much about. i met my non-millionaire husband in grad school and we were both poor and in publishing, so no real plans existed to make it rich. (unless you include his insane musical, movie and book careers, which you know, we're still waiting for him to make it big.)

i think the marry for money aspect of the novel is what i had a hard time getting past. when ryder and daisy were together and interacting normally it was fine, i enjoyed it. but then you'd see daisy's friend hannah or daisy's mother talk about wanting to join the ranks of the financially abundant and things would get weird again. luckily most of the novel focuses on daisy and ryder's connection, but toward the end as things reach a breaking point the focus does turn to money.

i think the way ryder's true identity as the billionaire bachelor is revealed ended up feeling rushed. daisy skipped feeling betrayed and when right to feeling bad that she had ruined things for his inheritance. and that was weird. things do end up resolving happily for all, but there maybe should have been 10% more book following the reveal. instead it's 2% and not enough.

i'm not sure if this is a standalone or part of a series, but some interesting set up was done with regard to ryder's friend and co-worker, trenton, and daisy's friend, hannah. there is more story there, something worth exploring perhaps.

**one last fling published on march 8, 2016. i received an advanced reader copy courtesy of netgalley/dahlin publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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