Sunday, July 10, 2016

simply catching up with my watchlist

i've been on a real reading kick lately. my ridiculous goal of reading 200 books this year is running something like 82 books ahead of schedule. i'm probably going to extend it to 250 books because i'm a crazy person. but reading all this has kept me away from my shows. so in the last few days i've actually been
watching instead of reading.

which actually isn't a good thing. because i have two library books i need to finish by saturday. otherwise i'm not sure what i'm going to do. well, i might just have to return them and then take them out when i'm back from vacation but i don't really need to sort that out on the internets.

so like i was saying i finally caught up with seasons 2 of both the last man on earth and unbreakable kimmy schmidt. both shows use unique catch-phrases instead of swear words and i kind of love it. so last man ends with an "oh farts" moment. and kimmy ended with a "what the fudge" moment. yay for comedic cliffhangers.

both shows actually did a good job of developing their main character's issues this season and allowed the characters to grow and evolve. so it's kind of exciting to know that things can go in entirely new directions. these shows are both really, really weird. like the humor is not always funny, and more dark and awkward and weird. but i still like them. sometimes things make me more uncomfortable than anything. will forte is the master of the uncomfortable moment. and pretty much anything involving jane krakowski pretending to be native american is painful, but the show has already committed to it so there's no turning back from the bit at this point.

it's nice knowing that i love more than one medium of entertainment. my first love will always be books, but i've always loved television too. i'm hoping to catch up with a couple more shows over the next couple of weeks. we shall see. i also requested a bunch of stuff on netgalley, so there will probably be plenty of reviews coming too. well, if i'm approved for the galleys, which isn't necessarily a given

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