Friday, July 8, 2016

seriously romantic: no kissing allowed by melissa west

so i actually stumbled on this series after i requested the galleys of the second book, no falling allowed, on netgalley. but even though the titles are meant to be standalone i just felt like it would be better to read the first book in the series in this instance. i've said before that it's not always necessary to read things in publication order. and that's true here, it's not necessary, but having read both books now, i can say that it was the right choice to read them in order. but i'm getting ahead of myself.

right now i'm talking about no kissing allowed. here we are introduced to cameron, grace and lauren, three young women who have just graduated college and are embarking on their new careers. but before joining the land of responsibility that is adulthood, the women decide to live it up one last time. and of course for cameron, our main character in this novel, that means fulfilling a moment right out of grey's anatomy. because she totally pulls a meredith and hooks up with a random guy and tosses him out of her apartment in the morning. and then on her first day of work discovers that the stranger whose path she'd hoped not to cross again is in fact her boss's boss.

awkward right? and even worse, the ad agency they work at has a strict no-fraternization policy. but try as they might aidan and cameron can't keep away from each other. but cammie doesn't do one-night-stands and aidan doesn't do relationships. what's nice about the story is that the deepening relationship with aidan and cameron is given time to develop. even as their lives become more entangled and they struggle with whether or not their different viewpoints on relationships can be reconciled, the issues that they face don't ring false. the attraction between the leads is sustained from the moment they meet until they resolve their issues. and it all works for me. i really enjoyed no kissing allowed. and was psyched that i didn't have to wait too long to read grace's story in the follow-up, which will be reviewed tomorrow.

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