Tuesday, April 7, 2009

simply wishing i could find something different to say about gh

some days i feel better about "general hospital" other days i feel worse.

here's what makes me feel worse:

1. all things related to claudia zacchara and michael's shooting. this includes jerry's reappearance in dvd form, ric's smarmy blackmail scheme, jax and olivia knowing, johnny and claudia plotting al the time, jason and sonny vowing to find the person behind michael's shooting.

here's the thing i don't understand. ian devlin shot michael. yes, claudia organized the hit. so when they talk about finding the person behind michael's shooting, it befuddles me, because jason already killed that guy! and organizing the hit is different from shooting michael. at least in my mind.

2. the slow destruction of robin and patrick. i know that not all people love robin and patrick as a couple, but as one of the few romance-oriented storylines on gh i have always been disposed to like them. i think the actors have fantastic chemistry and i have enjoyed watching them come together. and now that they are happily married and have the cutest baby girl, do they get to enjoy it? of course not. i wouldn't mind robin's post-partum depression storyline so much if it didn't have to shoehorn in sonny and jason. mac's refusal to believe that there was anything wrong with robin was great to see, more scenes like this, focused on the scorpios as they deal with this is more interesting to me than to see robin expound on her wrong-headed point of view to sonny and jason who serve merely as enablers.

3. rebecca and nicholas. i don't remember being so annoyed by emily before natalia livingston left gh the first time. but watching rebecca and nicholas deal with rebecca's breast cancer scare is worse than boring, it's excruciatingly boring. especially since both actors don't even seem to want to share the same space. i almost miss tumor emily.

yes, i said it. i'd rather tumor emily came back than have to continue watching rebecca unravel her mysterious past and be revealed to be emily. at least we'd get to emily quicker that way.

4. another baby for sonny. the last thing sonny needs is more children. although i suppose that also means that i'm agreeing with something sonny has said. THE HORROR!! this entire plot verges on the ridiculous, and if it were ridiculously fab that would be one thing, but it's just so seedy.

just thinking about this storyline makes me want to take a shower.

here's what makes me feel better:

1. the younger set. with the exception of winifred, lulu, and ethan, i have to admit that i am enjoying the show's under 30 set. maxie and johnny or maxie and matt are pairing i can root for. and i don't mind maxie and spinelli, though at this point they either need to move forward as either friends or lovers. the ambiguity that is killing spinelli might also kill me. i can't wait to see what happens with the younger set once they SORAS sonny's kids.

2. carly. when did carly become such a grown up?

and yes, that is about it.

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