Monday, April 6, 2009

simply got to stop running sometime

last week's kate-centric episode of "lost" answered quite a few questions. first and foremost it told us what sawyer asked kate to do for him in the helicopter. it also gave us a little insight into how by going back in time the oceanic survivors affected their own immediate past with the island.

ok, so perhaps that doesn't explain anything. but this episode also gives us the answer to hurley's question. ben doesn't remember the survivors because when the others saved him, when richard took him to the temple, his memory of what happened was lost, as was his innocence. this is how ben becomes the unsentimental being that he is. this is how his destiny is so closely intertwined to the island. he was saved by the island, he owes the island his loyalty. and sayid, jack, kate, juliet, and sawyer are all directly responsible for this.

their actions in 1977 have a direct correlation to what they experienced in 2004. they made ben who he was, sayid by shooting him, jack by refusing to assist juliet during his surgery, juliet by realizing that the others could save him, and kate and sawyer by giving him up to richard. all of this happened. it had happened by 2004, and the reason they needed to go back was so that what happened could happen.

jack doesn't realize this yet. none of them do. but i believe it will become clear in the remaining episodes of the season.

meanwhile, on the relationship front, some very intersting insight into the jack and kate, sawyer and kate, and sawyer and juliet relationships. one of the reasons jack refuses to help juliet with ben is that he has already saved ben once for kate and he doesn't feel the need to do this again. kate tells him she doesn't really like the new jack, and he responds that she didn't really like the old jack either.

in her flashbacks we learn of her relationship with cassidy, sawyer's baby mama. she has told cassidy the truth behind the crash and aaron's parentage. she and cassidy clearly share a close bond, they have both loved sawyer, and according to cassidy he has broken their hearts. cassidy believes that sawyer's jump from the helicopter has less to do with honor but rather more to do with his own cowardice. when kate confronts him about this in 1977 he says that they would have never worked out off the island. when she asks him about juliet he acknowledges that he has done a lot of growing up in the past three years.

having kate back on the island has been a very interesting viewing experience. i have always been a kate/sawyer fan, their cage sex was so hot, and i've always found the characters to have great chemistry and they have always seemed to be made for each other in a way that kate/jack weren't. mostly i just loved the way sawyer looks at kate. everything is different now.

"lafleur" sold me on the juliet/sawyer relationship, something i would have never thought possible. but i like them together. i don't know why, but i do. sawyer and juliet have built a good life together. and the oceanic sixers have come back to ruin it. now there are definitely cracks showing, but it is unclear when everything will shatter around them. "what happened, happened" tries to draw the lines out in the sand, and for the first time in the series it seems that everyone is on sawyer's side and not jack's.

and to be honest, i kind of love it.

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