Wednesday, April 1, 2009

simply tripping the light fantastic

pretty awesome. that is what i have to say about "lost." each episode this season has gone about filling in the blanks and propelling the story forward in a compelling manner. "he's our you" isn't likely to figure into my favorite episodes ever, but i simply continue to enjoy where the show is taking us.

how awesome was it that the others idea of torture was to give sayid some acid in order to get him to tell the truth. of course when he did spout the truth it was so far out there that no one believed him, instead choosing to believe that they gave him a bit too much lsd to inspire some real truth-telling.

the episode followed the old flashback format, and though it did fill in some of the blanks with regard to sayid's journey, it left a major question unanswered. what happened between sayid and ben? there's the shooting in russia where they part ways and then they next see each other when ben comes to see sayid in santo domingo. at that point sayid is already incredibly hostile toward ben. what happened between those two moments? what haven't we seen yet?

i know that the producers like to parse out information on a need to know basis, but i think that there may have been some additional emotional heft if we had been able to discover what brought sayid to the point that he would shoot a child. was ben behind nadia's shooting after all? what is the genocide that sayid is referring to?

and because i love to talk about sawyer, the poor guy is doing his best to protect everything he has built and his friends, and of course it is all falling to pieces on him. i love seeing his growth as a leader, but i also love that he is still continually exasperated by the people who surround him. he is in his element as lafleur. and everyone else, the original castaways, they are making his life very difficult.

this week's installment is about kate and provides quite a bit of information. i'll parse it out in a later post.

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