Monday, April 20, 2009

simply dead is dead

so this is two week's overdue and i will keep it short:

michael emerson is just an amazing presence on "lost," i mean, who knows what ben is really up to? he says one thing and turns around and does another. this episode was a nice look at ben's past. it clarified widmore's and ben's past on the island, let us see how alex came to be ben's adopted daughter, and showed us what was up with penny and desmond.

and even though i was happy to see desmond, i was still sad that there was no dharma initiative storyline this episode. and the thing is when sawyer isn't on, i'm less engaged. i mean i still enjoy the episode but i have less to say.

one thing that is interesting is the idea of the smoke monster casting judgment on the characters. since mr. eko's death we've theorized that this is the case, but finally we get to see how it works. interesting that john locke knows something that ben himself does not. and even more interesting that the smoke monster's punishment is to inform ben that he must follow locke's lead. seeing how the dynamics of this pairing changes through the rest of the season will be very interesting indeed.

for sun's sake, and for the rest of the lostaways stuck in the past, i hope that locke figures out how to reunite everyone in the same time. i can't wait for that reunion.

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