Tuesday, April 28, 2009

simply everyday heroes

so "general hospital" has been particularly terrible of late. i've said before that i can't stand the lead-up to the drawn-out reveal to the "who is responsible for michael's shooting" non-mystery. at this point half of port charles knows it was claudia, and like most rational people they think it is despicable that she ordered the hit, but they still do NOTHING with the information. why? because actually prosecuting someone in a rational manner is INCOMPREHENSIBLE in port charles, and that alexis davis is so just busy eating brownies in random storylines. this leaves it to sonny and jason to decide that their own brand of justice is what needs to prevail.

here's the thing, them needing claudia to pay for her part in the conspiracy makes no sense because it is so hypocritical. their need to kill her doesn't quite equate michael spending time in a coma. (especially since we all know he is going to recover). the whole thing is stupid and sucks up so much time on this show. and it's BORING. the there is the never-ending ppd storyline and ethan the toothy australian who may or may not be luke's long-lost son.

so it's funny to realize that the most awesome thing about "general hospital" recently was this piece of news:

Dancing With the Stars champ and General Hospital fixture Kelly Monaco shimmied for safety in her hotel bedroom early Thursday morning after a robber broke into her Las Vegas penthouse.

The 32-year-old actress was asleep at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino when she heard a burglar rummaging in the living room, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. She ducked quietly behind the bed but the intruder never entered the bedroom.

Kelly called police after the thief left, and a man was arrested later that day. There are no details about what was taken.

source yahoo news via eonline.

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