Monday, April 20, 2009

simply all star wars references are awesome

"some like it hoth" put enough of a taste for "star wars" that i ended up watching the original trilogy this weekend. this is always something that puts me in a good mood. growing up, my family spent some time in argentina, and we didn't have very many viewing options in terms of english language television, so the three star wars films and "back to the future" were pretty much the only things that my siblings watched (aside from the six hour tapes of "pinwheel" that my grandparents sent us, but those were considerably less cool and not as fun to watch).

anyway, that's an aside. but last week's episode of "lost" was not necessarily my favorite. miles isn't my favorite character (and it goes without saying that there wasn't enough sawyer in the episode for my taste. by the by, people are calling him jim and james these days, and i mean, i know that sawyer was always his alias, but i just don't see him as a jim or a james. so i think i will continue to refer to him as sawyer, no matter what he might be calling himself on the show.) so i wasn't so interested in learning more about his backstory--in fact i had guessed most of his backstory so seeing it unfold didn't exactly make for riveting television. but there were a few gems:

if there were a spin-off called the miles and hurley show, i would totally watch it. they are really funny together and provide some nice relief from the heavy themes and dark pasts this show is constantly exploring.

we also learned more about the swan, about when and where it is being built. so does hurley, and who knows what mischief he'll get up to trying to prevent the plane crash that originally brought him to the island. i'm sure that dan faraday will have plenty to say about that since his theory has been "whatever happened, happened" and i'm sure that "the variable" will give us some further insight into what is going on with the island and the time-traveling. at least i hope it does.


  1. I honestly am not sure how I feel about the Hoth reference. As defender of the Death Star, I feel like references to SW must be very careful, and it bugs that Hurley's take on the ending to Empire Strikes Back was completely wrong and wasn't the point. Luke wasn't rejecting his father because he hadn't been around, he was rejecting him because he saw Vader as an evil psycho.

    Things like drive me crazy. As does Miles.

  2. I think I've come around a bit more on Miles but if he didn't survive the upcoming chaos I wouldn't be too upset.

    Re: ESB you are absolutely right. Luke's rejection of Vader were definitely about good versus evil not abandonment issues. And the fact that Hurley viewed Chewbacca as the hero of the piece was a little disturbing. I mean I love Chewie, but I love Han more. :) So I'm glad that Lucas won't ever see Hurley's version of the script.

    I thought it was weird that they decided to link this episode in particular with SW. I mean yes, there were a lot of daddy issues in both, but that final scene when Miles tells the dad that he conned him and that if he loved his son he should have told him just rang really false. I think there could have been less anvil-like ways of telling the story.


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