Tuesday, April 14, 2009

simply watching a bit too much tv

i've been a bad blogger of late. here's a quick rundown of all the shows i've been watching lately.

1. dollhouse
this show has gotten mixed reviews all over the place, but as each episode progresses and as they tie the story elements together more closely, i like it more and more. i'm terrified that it will all come to nothing. just another show that was too out there, too cultish, asked too many questions without revealing enough. but i like it.

i really like agent ballard. i think claire and boyd have a little chemistry going on and i like it. though topher is a bit annoying, his scenes with adele just work. eliza dushku does an amazing job with echo. i love the victor-sierra coupling and can't wait to see what happens as the dolls start to awaken--that seems to be where they are going. this is the kind of show that feels like it will really get into gear in season 2. i can only hope that we get a season 2.

2. my boys
i love this show and pj and bobby as a couple are very cute. but i still prefer pj and brando. the best part of the show though is when they are all together, sitting around the table, shooting the breeze. they have conversations i've actually had with my friends.

3. the unusuals
i checked this out because amber tamblyn is the female lead. i've been watching her since she was little emily bowen on "general hospital" and couldn't stop now. the show isn't bad, though a little heavy on quirk. we'll see how i feel about episode two.

4. fringe
pacey witter--oops i mean, peter bishop is back! as are walter and olivia and the rest of the fringe group. it's wonderful being back in the lab and i have grown fonder of olivia. she's warming up as a character, and showing her home life makes her more of a person.

but really peter is the reason i watch. and i can only hope that we see more and more of him as the first season comes to a close.

5. chuck
is really bringing its a game lately. with the reveal that chuck's father is orion and the original creator of the intersect as well as chuck challenging the general more actively, things are definitely coming to a head. how fantastic is it that sarah and chuck have gone off the grid to look for chuck's father?

i can't wait to watch what happens. i think it will be game-changing no matter what it is. and i really hope the show gets a 3rd season to show us what results from the conclusion of season 2.

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  1. Thanks for linking to me! It seems we have a lot of shows and things in common, which rocks. I'll visit you a lot!


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