Thursday, February 26, 2009

simply unreal

i'm not a huge fan of alternate reality episodes, usually because i feel like it's a way of cheating, used only to justify the current writing staff's decisions with regard to their characters. but sometimes, because the alternate reality allows the writers to pair up actors who don't usually have a chance to work together, you see some interesting possibilities open up as a viewer (sadly these rarely seem to open up to the writers) and there are opportunities to see the characters in a different light.

"general hospital"'s what if barbara jean jones had lived, and maxie jones had died episode, got off to a somewhat painful start. having maxie provide commentary while surrounded by some weird white background was bad enough, but then to have her talk on and on about how lulu and johnny were supposed to be in love? what was that about? maxie has always said that lulu and johnny weren't right for each other, and in her heart to heart with johnny during the blizzard what she said made a lot of sense. the blizzard JUST happened, so how did she change her mind so completely??

what's ironic that by having the episode center around kirsten storms so completely, you realize how she is a chemistry magnet and how amazing this show would be if it focused more on the scorpio-drake-joneses instead of mob golden boys sonny and jason. it was funny to see johnny playing owner of the paradise lounge, it's always good when they can work in a jab at sonny's seedier beginnings.

i also enjoyed the nod to carly's history--having her interact with b.j. and acknowledge her homewrecking ways--was great. it's a little weird that this is the second alternative reality episode where they've paired her with patrick, but the actors look good together and i'm not going to complain.

emo spinelli is a sight more enjoyable than regular-flavor, mostly because he is able to turn down the spastic effusiveness that characterizes regular spinelli. i don't mind spinelli when he tones it down, above all i think that should be something the powers that be should keep in mind. though it is irritating that even in maxie's alternate dreamworld, he still is her white knight. because i think that maxie can do better than spinelli. even if i do enjoy them together.

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