Wednesday, February 18, 2009

simply fringe science explaining life's deepest mysteries

so remember how i had those 6 episodes of "fringe" stored on the dvr? yeah, they became a total of 9 episodes. but i took advantage of president's day and having the day off work and watched them all. (well, actually only 7 of them, i had to watch the last two episodes last night.) (also, i am a bad friend because what i should have been doing on monday was read my friend ian's novel and send him feedback on it, but i'm having a hard time getting around to it since he sent it to me on paper and it's 600+ pages in this huge black binder that i can barely carry.)

anyway, i finally watched all the episodes, and have to say i'm glad i did. the show seems to be settling into it's formula, and the characters are interacting together more naturally, more organically. i still think anna torv as olivia dunham can be a little to dreary (a major problem is her voice/speech and this is likely due to the fact that she is masking an australian accent, unfortunately i think her american voice is a little too flat and i also think she has a hard time maintaining it. to me she often sounds canadian), and i 'm having trouble getting past the fact that she's a two-face. but by introducing her sister and niece, and by giving her some story outside of loving john scott, i think olivia is actually developing a personality. the more she interacts with pacey (yes, i know his name is peter on this show, but peter-pacey=same difference), the closer the characters get to each other and the more the fringe division becomes a unit, the better the show is.

i am amused at how much of "alias" i see in the show. it's strange, because "fringe" has less personality, less character in it than "alias" but is the more successful show. the latest revelation that olivia had been part of a secret pharmaceutical trial on a military base just reminds me of sydney discovering her father had put her through some tests to develop her spy sense. i'm intrigued to see where this goes, and what kind of effect this knowledge will have on olivia.

on the other hand, i keep hoping they ramp up pacey's involvement with the cases. i like that he is the guy they turn to for his special contacts in the less legal markets, but he still does little more than help out at the lab. i want to see more of him, all the time. he manages to lighten up olivia in a way others don't, and having them work together more frequently can only help the show avoid some of the dreariness.

anyway, i'm all caught up now and get to wait until april before they air the remaining 7 episodes of the season. i wish i had known i didn't have to stress about catching up. (i still do need to read ian's manuscript.)

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