Thursday, February 19, 2009

simply coming back to the place where it all began

so how eerie was it to see the oceanic 6 get on that plane? especially considering the mysterious circumstances that gets them to come together: jack bringing the dead body of john locke, hurley with his comic book and guitar case (something of charlie's perhaps?), sayid filling kate's role of fugitive, and ben running into the airplane just in time, much like hurley did for flight 815.

here's the thing. i'm not a big jack fan. his hero complex, his need to fix things, his idea of what is right, i find it all so annoying. i don't understand why everyone is so willing to follow his lead, because most of the time i wish he had just died the way the original script intended. most of this is due to the character, but some of it also has to do with matthew fox and how i couldn't stand him on "party of five" because he just had to be right and keep the family together.

kate is a more complex character to understand. i can never fathom her motivations. i'm never sure what her true feelings are. which makes her interesting to me. (it's no surprise to anyone here that i love love love sawyer and because he loves kate i want them to end up together, but if he decided he was in love with someone else, namely me, i would be so happy.) i've been thinking about the sex that jack and kate presumably had. and i wonder if kate is chancing pregnancy to "recreate" the original circumstances of flight 815. with no aaron there, there is no claire, and no pregnant person. her anger and coldness toward jack indicates that there was something darker at play, something that provoked kate's behavior. i can't wait to find out what that is.

interesting too will be seeing if lapidus, the marshall accompanying sayid, and the guy who offered jack his condolences will be making further appearances on the island. and i also wonder if all of them landed on the island at the same point in time. if perhaps because the circumstances weren't exactly the same, and they were different enough that as the blinding light took them from the airplane they landed in different time periods. (considering that sun isn't with kate, jack, and hurley, who have just run into jin, i think there will be some very pissed off koreans making appearances on our television screens.)

one last thought. when ben left to run his errand, i couldn't help but think that he had gone to kill penny. did he succeed? how long will we be kept in suspense? and if desmond wasn't on the plane, will he still find his way back to the island?


  1. I too wonder if Kate will turn up pregnant. Of course she'll have to sleep with Sawyer again. I feel like this triangle has gone on longer than Aninston/Pitt/Jolie.

  2. oh, i hope she sleeps with sawyer again. i mean, yeah the triangle is getting old. but i just love sawyer so much that i want the merry-go-round to stop with him.


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