Tuesday, February 10, 2009

simply a primetime round up

i've been focusing a lot on "general hospital" and "lost" lately, so here are my thoughts on some of the other shows i watch.

so last week's 3-D episode was good, but also a bit of a let down. i thought that the tension between chuck and sarah after he witnessed her shoot a fulcrum agent in cold blood would hold over a few episodes. instead they address it after a few scenes of chuck behaving oddly in sarah's presence. while chuck is still uncomfortable in his spy role, he's been playing a larger part in the missions and as the end of the episode shows us, is clearly committed to the work that they do.

how i met your mother
this show is so brilliant. i'm really loving the robin-barney love connection. i think they've been able to mine a lot of great comedic material for barney, and it's been fun watching the other characters realize that barney has the hots for robin. right now lily and ted are the only other people aware of his feelings, so it will be fun to see marshall find out, and what happens when robin realizes what's going on. i love this show because it is the one show that i can empathize with. though obviously a television show, the show often has scenes/bits of dialogue that resemble moments i've shared with my own group of friends.

grey's anatomy/private practice
it's the big crossover event. and the first two episodes of said crossover event were pretty ho-hum. there was a bit too much setting up the groundwork for the crossover event that i think the abc promo department should have held off those promos until this week. though apparently "private practice" did better than ever before so maybe those promo guys know what they're doing.

on grey's i'm loving the lexie-sloan hook-up. i just think the chemistry works and that lexie has shown an attraction to bad boys (see karev, alex) that it makes sense for her to be attracted to mark. she makes him a better person, we already knew from his affair with addison that he was capable of deeper feelings. and what makes the pairing work is the fact that he geniunely fought his feelings for her, he wanted to be good for derek's sake. and when she told him that the only way they could continue this relationship was for him to admit that they had one to derek and meredith, he actually tried to tell derek. but the timing wasn't exactly right, you don't really want to piss off a guy who's trying to go all out when proposing to his girlfriend.

that's right. derek is ready to propose to meredith. and even though he was interupted by addison, we know that it will happen at some point. the emotional growth these characters have shown this season has really done wonders for the show. instead of being stuck in a constant rut the characters have been able to move forward in a manner that doesn't compromise who they are. that is key. i've broken up with shows who are unable to do this for that very reason.

finally, owen and christina live out their victorian romance. the scene where they walk together and their hands barely touch. pure sex. it was all hot glances and heavy sexual tension with them this week. and judging from the promos, things are about to get juicier for this pairing.

meanwhile on pp, i'm not that interested in violet's baby dilemma. and am annoyed that this is the latest stumbling block to charlotte and cooper. i love those two together and think it is mega-annoying to keep them apart for this reason. they are always taking one step forward and two steps back. grr.

flight of the conchords
last week, jim gaffigan made a hilarious cameo as murray's friend jim. this season has been pretty good so far, although i am still a little surprised when other characters get their own musical sequences. i think "sugar lumps" is a fantastic song. i'm still really enjoying these wacky new zealanders.

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