Wednesday, February 4, 2009

simply all about the atomic bomb

i'm always making excuses as to why i haven't posted. and part of the reason this is late, is because i wasn't able to watch the last episode of "lost" when it originally aired. but i caught up quickly, and have just been plain old lazy about writing. oh well...

so "jughead" takes place on the island as it skips through time and desmond's quest to find faraday's mother. it also catches us up nicely with what desmond and penny have been up to, and provides a touching moment honoring the fallen lostaway, charlie.

anyway, here's the thing about time travel, because the lostaways are skipping through time, do they have any direct causal relationship with the events that brought them to the island? as they skip through time, it looks like they stay in each time period for a bit longer, will the skipping stop somewhere specific? are the lostaways in some way connected to the others or dharma. the season opener showed us a scene where daniel was clearly interacting with dharma folks.

what is daniel's endgame by the way? in "jughead" we learn that he had a girlfriend he abandoned who was rendered a vegetable from his time travel experiments. he also claims to love charlotte who is exhibiting signs of time travel sickness. is he sincere? i'm not sure if i believe him, but i am enjoying the chemistry between dan and charlotte. i'm not sure why i like daniel faraday, i think jeffrey davies is doing a great job of making him both empathetic and mysterious. how connected is he to charles widmore?

speaking of charles widmore, how old is he? he's at least 18 in the 1950s, so that makes him at least in his 70s in the 2000s. but if faraday has been working on time travel, then perhaps charles has done some of his own time traveling. i am so curious to learn more about the connections between these characters.

i think that the characters and their connections really drive the show. i loved all of the stuff between sawyer and juliet. i think that they have an interesting dynamic, especially as lostaways who had strong romantic feelings for oceanic sixers that they presume dead.

and speaking of oceanic sixers, this didnt't really come up in "jughead" but i'm worried that sun is now evil, i mean she seemed friendly while talking to kate, but for some reason i don't believe she was being sincere. there was so much tension in that final scene. although i'm confused as to why she would be mad at ben linus and not charles widmore, since charles is the one who owned the boat that blew up.

hmm, that's a scattered look at my thoughts on the latest "lost." really i'm just loving it.

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