Wednesday, February 4, 2009

simply guns, biotoxins, and bombs

how is it that the gh characters have access to all these guns? i mean, it's ridiculous. i know port charles is set in upstate new york, but they do actual have gun control laws there. so all the people running around with guns stuffed in their pants don't really make a lot of sense. and you know what really doesn't make sense to me, is why all these mob characters always stick the gun in their underwear when they leave the house? isn't that a bad place to put a weapon. i mean, why would a guy point a gun at his privates? all of them do this, it doesn't make any sense to me.

don't they have holsters??? the police don't have a monopoly on holsters.

anyway, of course sam shot jason. the fact that sam and jason are in the hospital is so ridiculous. and i get that it's all about reuniting sam and jason and lucky and elizabeth. but really sam trying to be helpful is so irritating, and the fact that she's there trying to help but instead getting in the way is just such a disservice to the character. i admit that sam mccall has never been my favorite character, but when her life got away from the mob and when she was spending time with lucky and maxie, she was actually someone i got a kick out of. we'll have to see what happens now that jason is shot. i'm sure he'll persevere. that's what jason does, at least that's what he does other than squint and stare at a speaker blankly.

i may be alone in thinking this, and i know a lot of people really hate the character of carly, but lately i've found that the writing for the character has really shown some growth. instead of flying off the handle all carly style and making it all about her, she's really been acting like an adult lately. and i've really been enjoying that. i do think laura wright brings a lot to the character, and when they're writing her more rationally, she hits it out of the ball park. what is so continually frustating about gh is that there is some truly exceptional talent on the show, and it is so often ruined by the writing and the characters the writers choose to focus on.

for example, kimberly mccullough and kirsten storms as robin and maxie just energize every single scene they're in. it doesn't matter who their co-star is. for example, steve burton and brandon barash aren't the most dynamic of actors, but when they are acting opposite to either one of these actresses they come to life in a way that makes you wish they could do that all the time. it's so frustrating that we are stuck with mobsters and lackluster pairings sucking the joy out of everything in port charles.

ah well. in other news the "incident" death toll stands at 3: earl bragg, evildoer; andy, drug-addicted anesthesiologist from the night shift; leyla meir, original night shift turned day shift nurse and one-time ruiner of patrick and robin.

so far i was right about one of the deaths. gh was terribly obvious with the "i'm so happy and engaged" foreshadowing. the writers think they are so clever, and that somehow this would raise the stakes in her death, but really it just makes the whole thing a little bit sadder. this show has bungled every single major character death in the last two years. killing alan, only to have him reappear as a wise-cracking, track-suit wearing ghost? killing emily, only to have her continue to appear for six months as nicholas' tumor and now have her return as a mysterious character named rebecca? killing georgie? killing logan? killing cooper? all useless deaths, and the ones that could have been meaningful and weighty, all of that was squandered, and it's all on the writers and on bob guza and on brian frons.

i don't know what i'm ranting about anymore. sometimes i think, well, at least i feel something when i watch this show. that's something. right?

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