Wednesday, February 18, 2009

simply making my head hurt

it's getting to the point where it's not just the lostaways who have aching heads and nosebleeds (well, okay, i actually haven't had a nosebleed), what on earth is going on with time on the show? scratch that, what on earth is going on?

i was very sorry to have charlotte die. i thought that there was more for her to reveal, particularly as a dharma dweller. i actually think it's likely that we will see her again, and that daniel will try to protect her from the island. a mistake that will exist on an endless loop, since you can't stop the island from getting what it wants. i imagine that charlotte's mother left the island to protect her.

i wonder what happens to the lostaways now that locke is gone, and the closest thing they have to leaders are sawyer and juliet. sawyer starts the series not really caring about his fellow survivors, but over time that's changed. what happens now, when he is their pseudo-leader. and how soon do we think jack will be back to take that power away from him?

so we know that eleanor hawking is faraday's mother. is she also ellie from the 1950s? i think this theory is very plausible and hope that the mystery isn't dragged out too long. ben's face when he discovered that she is related to faraday was interesting. i don't think he knew that. and i wonder what the information means to him. what is mrs. hawking's relationship to widmore?

what are ben's motivations at all? we had him professing to be working for the good of the oceanic 6 and the remaining survivors of flight 815, but i think that the caveat there is he is working to their good, only in the sense that their good is in his best interest too. christian shepard tells us in this same episode that listening to ben never does anyone any good, in particular locke, who has been bitten in the butt several times for listening to ben.

i wonder if we get any closer to a reunion this week? we do get a kate and jack kiss, which i will say i am not at all happy about. kate belongs with sawyer, not jack. and nothing anyone says or does will change my mind on that.

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  1. Interesting thoughts about the changing power dynamic once Jack is back on the island. I think the presence of absence of Locke will really come into play in this regard. He was the voice of reason on more than one occasion.
    I'm very excited that next week's episode will be Locke-focused. He remains my favorite character. Terry O'Quinn is great.


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