Wednesday, July 5, 2017

somewhat scientific: anomaly by tonya kuper

anomaly introduces us to a world where regular people are known as plancks in honor of max planck the theoretical physicist who is the originator of the planck constant. if that's not the stuff of a wikipedia deep dive, i don't know what is. but anyway, regular people are called plancks because as the constant they are boring and nothing special. because there is a whole other kind of human on the planet known as oculi. oculi have special abilities to push or retract things they observe.

and then there are the anomalies, who have the ability to push and retract. and reid and josie are both especially gifted anomalies. which also means that they are targets for schrodinger's consortium, an evil lex-luthor type company who seeks to eliminate the anomalies for the powers that they have to rule the world. not that they do, but a power hungry corporation isn't going to take anyone's word for that.

the thing is josie has no idea about her status as an anomaly. her parents have brought her up entirely outside of the hub. so when her powers begin to manifest and people start chasing her down, reid, who has been brought to town to train and protect her must step up his plan. what makes things even harder is that josie used to know reid as cal, her brother's best friend. he had to go into hiding after her brother's death and the more she learns about the circumstances surrounding her brother's death the angrier she is with the truths her parents were keeping from her.

because everything has changed with reid's arrival in her life. not just her perception of the world, but her perception of herself. and the fact that suddenly so much depends on her and her ability to take action is inconceivable. adolescence is already trying enough, but now with the stakes being life and death, it just feels like it's too much to handle. and who can she trust, when everyone seems to have their own agenda. even reid.

**anomaly published on november 25, 2014. i received a digital copy courtesy of netgalley/entangled publishing (entangled teen) in exchange for my honest review. 

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