Tuesday, July 4, 2017

seriously romantic: just the thing by marie harte

both gavin donnigan and zoe york know something about survivor's guilt. they both have experienced loss and are still grieving in just the thing.

gavin is an ex-marine who lost his best friends and unit to an ied explosion in afghanistan. he only survived because he had been shot during a prior mission and was still recovering in the hospital. zoe lost her twin sister in a car accident and is feeling adrift. her sister was the fun, creative twin. the one so full of life that it makes no sense that she is gone.

it takes a while for zoe to realize that gavin is serious in his interest. and when they start dating they really try to start out slow, but the chemistry between them is off the charts. so even though gavin is still recovering from his emotional trauma, something that requires extensive therapy and meditation and coping mechanisms, they end up in a serious relationship quickly.

and it's totally too soon for gavin, who is a total mess. one of the best things about gavin though is his emotional honesty. he's really trying to do right by zoe and everyone else around him. he also wants to be better for his own sake. but it's not going to be easy or a quick fix.

healing from the psychological scars of war is a time-consuming process. which is not to say that zoe isn't battling her own demons. but for her, being with gavin gives her a way to hold on to happier memories of her twin. and she takes her sister's way of being to heart and tries to live her life in a more open way than her natural instinct would have her in order to honor and remember her twin.

as a backdrop to all the grief and romance, we have the continued donnigan prank war. which escalates beyond the immediate family. hope and theo are clearly the next siblings up for stories of their own, though clearly hope will come first given that theo is still college-aged.

**just the thing will publish on july 4, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/sourcebooks casablanca in exchange for my honest review.

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