Friday, July 14, 2017

seriously romantic: trust by kylie scott

i've been dying to read trust since i heard about the book. several authors i follow have been raving about this book. and i love ya. i love romance. i love bad-boy-good-girl romances. in some ways talking about trust as just a romance feels reductive. it is a romance. but it's more than a boy meets girl and changes life for her kind of story.

when john and edie meet they endure a traumatic event. held hostage by an out of his mind drug addict, john calms him down enough to get him talking. but that doesn't stop him from holding edie at gunpoint and nearly killing everyone in the store. he kills the clerk and tristan, the young man buying drugs off john in the first place.

the fact that john is a drug dealer, was a drug dealer, should matter to edie. but it doesn't. becausee she knows he saved her life. and that moment of connection from the store, when edie realized he was trying to save everyone he could, soon turns into a real friendship. and more than anything else in this book, we see that friendship build and grow. and as it builds and grows it changes.

especially for edie. she trusts john like no one else. he is the only other person who lived through that moment in the gas station with her. but trusting him means that he has power over her. the power to hurt her. she knows she's not a typical teenage girl, and that maybe her innocence and her insecurities are huge turnoffs. but she can't help but want him. but does he want her?

i mean, it is a romance. but edie and john don't walk a straight path into a relationship. but this is what makes this book something more. the fact that both john and edie have past and present baggage to overcome. sometimes i wish that kylie scott did the dual pov thing, i like her heros, they are generally complex, layered, but because we only ever see the one side of the story they remain at a distance, a mystery that you never fully figure out. and i think because we spend so much time in edie's head worrying about her appearance and putting herself down, that you miss the counterarguments from john's perspective.

the truth is size shouldn't matter, right? i have enough of my own issues with weight and dieting and exercising, that if i'm being fully honest, i don't find all that appealing to read about. but at least it's nice when the hero makes it clear that he likes something to hold on to. that he's not seeing curves as weight that needs to be cast aside. i don't know. i guess i wish that there were a more interesting way to deal with the weight issue. or at least a more interesting way to make a heroine stand out, because i feel like i've read a lot of romance novels with heroines struggling with the same thing. and it's a common problem, i get it. but i like to escape, not be reminded constantly that i should also be going on a diet.

**trust will publish july 18, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/kylie scott in exchange for my honest review. 

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