Saturday, July 22, 2017

seriously romantic: a dance with seduction by alyssa alexander

vivienne le fleur is in trouble in a dance with seduction, as a spy for the british crown she's had to lie and steal and become someone else entirely. for years, on and off, she's worked with code-breaker maximilian westwood. she finds his precision and methodological habits infuriating and can't help ruffling his feathers every chance she gets. and maximilian finds her presumptuous presence annoying and her profession with its constant intrigues abhorrent and her entire being too damn beautiful for him to be comfortable.

when she asks him for help, pays him for it actually, she's doing it for herself, not for britain. she's caught in the middle of a dangerous spy game between england and france, and her sister's safety is at risk. and as the plot around her deepens and thickens, maximilian finds himself in the middle of it. it's the last place he wants to be, except it's also the only place he wants to be. because no matter what his head tells him about vivienne not being meant for him, his heart tells him that there is no other. and he can't stop himself from wanting to protect and aid this woman no matter what.

we really get to see this relationship grow and develop as the novel progresses, and how these two souls so used to working alone find a true partnership together. they have some serious—murderous—obstacles to overcome, but the combined force of a brilliant spy and master code-breaker should be enough to turn the tide. 

**a dance with seduction will publish July 24, 2017. I received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/entangled publishing (select historical) in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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