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something from the archives: say goodbye - part 29

previous parts are available at the links. see 123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627, and 28. read on for part 29...

Part 29

Mission Hill National Park was an expanse of land that boasted numerous environmental wonders. The campsite was well organized, with areas clearly marked for pitching tents, setting up fires, and bathing. Michael, Liz, Isabel, and Kyle had driven up in Kyle’'s beaten up pick-up truck, their essentials thrown in the back in a haphazard stack.

Upon arriving Isabel promptly set things in motion, ordering Michael and Kyle to set up the tents according to her detailed specifications and putting Liz in charge of the food and checking their supplies, while she also organized their belongings into two separate piles.

As Kyle and Michael grumbled about the work they’'d been pressed into doing, Liz and Isabel talked about the “events” scheduled for the trip. They’'d decided to take advantage of the Mission Hill campgrounds due to their proximity to the caves. Besides one exploratory excursion to the caves, the rest of the time they would spend at the lake or on the hiking trails.

“"Are you sure that’'s all?”" Isabel fretted.

“"Izzie, relax, I think we’'re pretty well stocked for two days.”" Liz reassured her friend.

“"No, I meant are you sure that’'s all there is to do?”"

“"We’'re camping. I mean, I guess, if you really wanted to we could go fishing. And there are always campfire games we can play. Why are you stressing about this anyway?”"

“"She’'s been the Campground Nazi all day.”" grumbled Michael goodnaturedly as he walked up behind them. "She can't help herself."

He really wanted to wrap his arms around Liz’'s small waist, feel her as she leaned back into him, but he couldn’'t, not with Isabel around. So he scratched his eyebrow instead and looked over at Isabel. “"Kyle and I got the tents up. I thought you might want to go make sure we’'d set up the whole thing right. We weren’'t sure how you wanted us to look at the diagram.”"

"“God, Michael you’'d think that between the two of you someone could figure out a little map. You guys better have pitched those tents right or I’'ll—"” Isabel muttered as she walked off to the tents, leaving Michael and Liz alone.

“Michael grinned at her reaction and looked over at Liz, "Hey.”" He whispered looking over at Liz with heat in his eyes.

“"Hey, yourself.”"

"“Get over here. You’'re too damn far away.”" Michael growled. He wanted to hold Liz now. They hadn’'t been able to spend too much time together since her parents had come home.

"“Hmmm. What about them?”" Liz cocked her head toward where Kyle and Isabel were finishing up the tent placement. She wanted to be as close to Michael as possible as well, she’'d missed him holding her in his arms all night long. She wouldn’'t have thought he was a cuddler, or for that matter she wouldn't have thought she'd like cuddling all that much, but with him it was like finding a slice of heaven. There was nowhere else she would rather be.

“"Who cares? I want you in my arms.”"

"“I love yo, Michael.”" Liz said as she wrapped her arms around his waist.

"“I love you too, baby. I can’'t believe I have to share a tent with Kyle though. I’'d much rather share it with you.”" Michael pressed a kiss to her forehead as he held her tightly in his embrace. He didn’'t want to have to let her go. Not now, not ever.

“"Yeah, well. We can’'t look suspicious. Besides we can’'t make Isabel and Kyle share a tent either.”"

"“But what if—“—"

“"What if?”" Liz wondered if Michael had found some loophole she hadn't thought of. Truth be told she was a little worried about sharing a tent with Isabel. They had never been close.

"“Never mind. I believe I was about to advocate matchmaking. I’'ll suffer in peace. Only we might have to get lost in the woods together for a bit.”"

“"Mmm. I love the way you think.”" Liz snuggled closer to Michael. Taking advantage of the few moments they had together before letting go. She wanted to be in his arms always, not the few stolen moments they’'d been sharing since her parents return home.

Almost as if on cue Isabel walked up with Kyle, saying to Michael, “"Ok, you guys did a good job. Now, Kyle take the food to the common area. Michael take this stuff to the red tent. Liz and I will take the rest to the blue.”"

Michael gathered the pile of belongings he assumed were his and Kyle’'s and dropped them in the middle of the tent. He checked to make sure Isabel and Liz didn’'t need any help before beginning to sort through the pile. He separated his stuff from Kyle’'s, noting that Kyle had some weird girly taste for a jock.

He heard a tap on the tent flap and turned to find Liz crawling in through the opening into the middle of the mess he’d made. Without thought he pulled her down on top of him, engaging her lips in a heated kiss.

“"What are you doing in here?”" he asked once he’d finished ravishing her mouth.

“"I guess I’'m going to organize my stuff.”" Liz replied hesitantly.

“"Ok. But why are you here?”" Michael asked still confused.

“"Because my stuff is here.”" Liz said pointing to the pile of things Michael had tossed in the opposite corner of the tent.

"“Oh. Well. That’'s a relief.”"

“"Why is it a relief?”"

"“I was worried about Valenti there for a second.”"

Liz looked up at him and hesitantly asked, "“Michael. Do you think they know?”"


“She sighed frustrated, "Michael are you being purposely dense today? Isabel and Kyle, do you think they know?”"

"“Maybe. Does that bother you?”" Michael replied with a studied carelessness. But there was a terseness to his words that belied his calm demeanor.

“"What? No. I just—it makes me edgy to wonder, how much they suspect and how much they know. Should we just be open about it? God knows I don’'t want to be more than two seconds away from you anyway."”

Michael didn’'t respond with words. Instead, he held her as tightly as he could in his arms and captured her mouth in a heartfelt kiss. Their passion escalated quickly their tongues fusing together much as they wanted to fuse their bodies.

Liz rubbed herself against the bulge in Michael’'s pants. They were both throbbing with a need they knew they didn’'t have the time to fill. Michael ran his hands through Liz’'s hair and grabbed her face between his hands, breaking away from their kiss to breathe in laboriously.

Her reply had pushed him to the edge. Hearing her say she didn’'t want to hide their relationship had been a gift he hadn’'t been expecting. Granted he had encouraged their hiding of the relationship for both Max and Maria’'s sakes, but it hadn’'t meant that he’'d been happy about that decision.

He loved Liz. He wanted to be with her completely. Openly. He wanted the world to know that she was his. And no one else’'s.

“"I love you so much. Let’'s let those two sneaks know how much.”"

“"Mmm. Now? Can’t we have a little fun first?”" Liz complained teasingly.

"“Don’'t ask me, you’'re the one who saw the schedule.”"

“"Crap. We have water sports up in ten minutes."”

“"Well Parker, maybe we can make up our own water sports?”" Michael said suggestively, reminding Liz of their interlude at the lake.

"“Guerin, have I mentioned I love the way you think."”

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