Monday, January 30, 2017

strictly literary: long way home by katie mcgarry

the latest installment of the thunder road series, long way home, gives us chevy and violet's story. both of them have grown up in the reign of terror motorcycle gang. their fathers were both members, but they both struggle with living in the gang and its culture and having a normal life.

i have to say, i've read each book in this series, and i struggle with the culture. i know we are supposed to see the gang as the heros, but the way being a member of the gang controls the life of everyone involved, even those who didn't choose the life, is so hard to swallow. i have rooted for every one of the guys in the previous novels to leave the gang behind, so i'm sure i'll be disappointed in chevy, even though out of all of them, he stands to gain the most from leaving the motorcycle life behind.

he's an all-american guy, the star running back on his football team, someone who has so much possibility if he dares leave the reign of terror behind. but his grandfather was the club's leader, now his uncle eli runs things, but he's on the track to run things too, if he wants it. he's not sure what he wants. his mother would love it if he took a step back. and then there's violet, whose father died on club business, and who is dying to leave the motorcycle club and their small kentucky town far behind.

they broke up when it became clear that chevy would choose the club over her, but will he keep making that choice as they face unspeakable danger? violet would do anything for chevy, chevy would do anything for violet, and being mixed up in dangerous club business could get either of them killed. so who knows where things will go?

i don't know, because i only got a sneak peek, and i'm dying to see what will happen on page 64. page 63 was kind of a cliffhanger!

as conflicted as i am about the motorcycle club, especially the misogynistic and paternalistic attitudes that guide them, the characters really make these books so readable. so i keep coming back for more regardless. and who knows, maybe this time things will end differently?

**long way home will publish on january 31, 2017. i received an advance sneak peek courtesy of netgalley/harlequin teen in exchange for my honest review. 

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