Sunday, January 8, 2017

seriously romantic: the dirty billionaire series by meghan march

the dirty billionaire series is a connected trilogy focusing on the love connection between creighton karas and holly wix. holly is an up-and-coming country music star trapped in a fake relationship by her recording contract. at a tour stop in new york city she escapes to a bar with the sole intention of picking up a stranger.

this is not her usual m.o. and she nearly chickens out except she meets creighton karas. she recognizes him from a feature she'd read in fortune magazine, and she'd thought he'd looked hot on the cover. little did she know he'd be so hot in person, and that the sparks between them would burn so brightly. she doesn't share her name or identity with him, because she fully intends the one night to be just one night. but creighton isn't satisfied with only one night. and when he can't find her he decides that he's going to place a missed connections ad that will definitely go viral.

the viral stunt works and holly and creighton find themselves married. but it's not all smooth sailing. which is why it takes three books to get to their happy-ever-after. here's the thing, from a marketing standpoint, i get why authors write these series as duologies and trilogies, especially independent authors. it makes sense. but as a reader, i just kind of wish that the story were more tightly edited and written as one story. these three books are on the shorter side in terms of length, i'd be good with one longer volume. but that's not how the author's bread is buttered. i get it.

and look, i enjoyed these books. i just caved and read fifty shades of grey and i can see how this is a way better story of a dominant billionaire. like the writing is way, way better. holly and creighton are fully formed characters with baggage that makes sense. there are some really emotional, heartfelt moments throughout the series, but also some really steamy, super sexy ones, and some good, light-hearted fun too.

this series also introduces us to logan brantley, who is the lead in march's just published real good man.  and after reading about him in this series, i get why she kept writing about him.

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