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something from the archives: say goodbye - part 1

it's a new year, new starts abound. and the story i'm starting to post today will take me a year to get through. possibly more if i don't double up some chapters. i always think of this particular fanfic as my magnum opus. it was about 62 parts long and sadly i haven't found the completed story online. the most chapters i have found is 51, and i will keep searching. in the end if i can't find them i'll rewrite the missing chapters so that the story has a proper ending.

after the jump stick around for part 1 of say goodbye.

Title: Say Goodbye
Author: etoile1 aka Eva
Rating: PG to NC-17 or rather the other way around.
Category: Polar - Mi/L
Summary: After Departure Michael and Liz get closer.
Spoilers: Up to Departure, so the entire third season doesn't happen.
Author's Note: The story is partly inspired by "Say Goodbye" by the Dave Matthews Band.

So here we are tonight
You and me together
The storm outside, the fire is bright
And in your eyes I see
What's on my mind
You've got me wild
Turned around inside
And then desire, see, is creeping
Up heavy inside here
And know you feel the same way
I do now
Now let's make this an evening
Lovers for a night, lovers for tonight
Stay here with me, love, tonight
Just for an evening
When we make
Our passion pictures
You and me twist up
Secret creatures
And we'll stay here
Tomorrow go back to being friends

Go back to being friends
But tonight let's be lovers,
We kiss and sweat
We'll turn this better thing
To the best
Of all we can offer, Just a rogue kiss
Tangled tongues and lips,
See me this way
I'm turning and turning for you
Girl just tonight

Float away here with me
An evening just wait and see
But tomorrow go back to your man
I'm back to my world
And we're back to being friends
Wait and see me,
Tonight let's do this thing
All we are is wasting hours until the sun comes up it's all ours
On our way here
Tomorrow go back to being friends

Go back to being friends
Tonight let's be lovers, say you will
And hear me call, soft-spoken whispering love
A thing or two I have to say here
Tonight let's go all the way then
Love I'll see you,
Just for this evening
Let's strip down, trip out at this
One evening starts with a kiss
Run away

And tomorrow
back to being friends
Just for tonight, one you
And tomorrow say goodbye

Say Goodbye

Part 1

Liz Parker stood alone in the kitchen of her father's diner, The Crashdown. The staff had just finished closing up and she was getting ready to head upstairs. She slipped into the employee lounge and after making sure she was alone, quickly unbuttoned the snaps of her sea green and silver uniform. She wore a lilac lace bra with a matching lace thong beneath, but it didn't leave much to the imagination. She hurriedly rummaged through her locker for her dark denim jeans and the baby tee she usually kept there.

Michael Guerin watched with a dry mouth as an almost nude Liz Parker poked around her locker. The smooth skin of her ass was within reach and he could make out the nest of dark curls that hid her feminine core. She was oblivious to his presence. But he was completely aware of hers. His jeans were now oppressively tight where they usually fit comfortably. Before he could restrain himself he found himself walking up behind her quietly and stood staring in utter fascination as she moved her body around as she searched for something in the deep recesses of her locker.

Liz felt a shadow standing over her. At first she didn't want to turn around from sheer embarrassment, but when the shadow refused to move she felt the need to confront it. Standing straight up she slowly spun her body around to face the mysterious presence. It was Michael. Not nearly so mysterious. And surprisingly welcome. She didn't want to think about why this was. He was her friend. Her best friend lately. But the way he was staring at her was priceless. She felt a quickening rush of heat between her legs. A throbbing ache that stunned her. Max Evans had never made her feel this way. This urgent. This needy for his touch. She wanted Michael's hands on her, everywhere. She wanted more than his hands to touch her. How was she supposed to handle these feelings? Especially if he didn't want her.

Michael was just as stunned. He never expected Liz Parker to stand before him in her frilly lingerie so calmly. He wanted to unnerve her as she did him. Raising his hands to her face he cupped her jaw gently before drawing a faint trail from the base of her neck to her navel with his fingers. Her skin felt soft and as smooth as satin. He had expected her to move away, but she surprised him again and didn't. She stood as still as a statue, barely breathing as he caressed her skin with his rough fingertips.

Liz nearly buckled when he touched her. His fingers following a winding pattern down her chest and abdomen. She could feel every nerve ending in her body, and they ached to be touched by Michael. She needed to touch him before she collapsed at his feet. He needed to be as affected by her as she was affected by him. She raised both arms slowly and began undoing the buttons to his bright colored shirt; one Maria had given him for Christmas. The passing thought of Maria giving her a slight pang before she shook it off. Her small hands and the cotton fabric danced lightly over his sensitive skin driving Michael beyond all rational thought.

They were alone at the Crashdown. Liz's parents, the remaining Crashdown staff, the customers, everyone had left. In this moment they were only Liz and Michael. And their need for each other obliterated every other thought.

It would be just one night. There was a  storm raging outside, something reflected in their emotional state, heightening the tension between them, the pressure in the atmosphere. This was a passion that needed to be consummated.

For just one night.

Liz slowly dragged the shirt down his arms bulging with muscles that were obviously restraining themselves as she touched him. He had been working out, his body was trimmer, fitter than it had ever been before. Liz stood on tiptoe and licked the throbbing vein at the base of his throat, and gently brushed her hands across his already tightened nipples. Biting his pulse point softly she then increased the pressure by sucking on him. His taste was incredible. She wanted to mark him. She knew she had no right to, but she didn't care. Nothing mattered except how good this felt. She rubbed her body against his, gently at first and then with more and more urgency, until Michael just reacted.

He slammed them both against the closed lockers beyond Liz's. He devoured her lips, her mouth with his. His tongue tangling with hers, savoring her kiss as if he had been starving. As if she were the air he needed to breathe. The fire that needed to consume him.

Liz couldn't contain a slight moan of pleasure. His aggressiveness thrilled her. She wanted to be ravished. With Max it had been so different. He treated her like an eggshell, so fragile that she needed to be handled with kid gloves. But she wasn't nearly as fragile as he thought. Nor was she so perfect. This mistake she was making, taking this irrevocable step proved it. But she needed Michael. She needed to submit to the inevitable pull. She couldn't deny that she had been curious. That she had wanted to know what might happen if they let themselves go.

The fact that Michael was usually so angry, so rough especially when it came to her, she found exciting. This night had been a long time coming. And she was going to enjoy it completely. She was so tired of regrets.

And Michael's touch was too exhilarating to feel badly about.

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