Thursday, January 12, 2017

something from the archives: say goodbye - part 2

i need to figure out a way to let people jump to the next part easily because this story is so freaking long, but the problem is that i can't do that in advance because there is no next part to jump to until the next thursday. but i could do it after the fact. it just seems like a lot of editing i'm not all that interested in doing. we shall see. maybe in my mythical free time.

part 1 is at the link, while part 2 continues below. note that this part is pretty steamy.

Part 2

The rain falling outside only intensified the intimacy of the moment. Michael and Liz were in their own little world. Completely alone. Free to do as they pleased. Liz pushed herself away from the wall with her elbows. Propelling herself forward she pushed Michael backward until his knees buckled against the small couch against the opposite wall without stopping their heated kiss.

She couldn't help but moan as he suckled on her lip before trailing kisses down her neck, while stopping to nibble on her sensitive flesh at random intervals. His hands moved from her hair to her back where he effortlessly undid the clasp to her bra. There were some perks to being an alien; never fumbling with bra straps was one. Michael then dragged the straps down her shoulders rubbing the fabric against her skin in a circling motion. Everything he was doing only increased the throbbing ache Liz needed filled. Her goose-fleshed skin was demanding Michael’'s touch everywhere. She wanted him. More than everything.

Michael finished removing Liz's bra and could only stare in wonder at her breasts. She was petite and trim for her size and frame, but she was the perfect size, the perfect shape. Michael slowly cupped one and kneaded the other, eliciting a moaned response from Liz as she threw her head back allowing him more access to her body. Michael bent his knees as he licked and suckled his way down her neck. Sitting on the couch and drawing her closer to him, he obeyed as she grabbed his hair and drew his head to her aching nipples. Gently biting and sucking her hardened flesh Liz's moans were muffled only by the thunder rumbling outside the small back room.

Feeling his way down the smooth skin of her back he stopped when he reached the edge of her panties. Liz responded by reaching down and weaving her fingers through his and the elastic. Pushing down as far as she could, she let go and allowed him to take care of the rest. He was eye level with the nest of curls between her thighs. Pressing her even closer he flicked his tongue across her opening suckling when he located her clit. Liz spread her legs apart as far as she could and remain standing. Michael was turning her to jelly. She wanted, no, she needed more. His tongue increased its torturous flitting and then pressed against the walls of her vagina. The feeling, the sensation was so amazing, Liz came right then and there, her whole body trembling and shivering until she finally collapsed on top of Michael who sat on the futon watching her with a heat in his eyes and a promise in his smile.

Liz knew that he was aching as much if not more than she was. She could see how much he wanted her. She could feel it. And it was time for her to do something about it. Reaching for his crotch she rubbed her hand up and down as she slowly unzipped his jeans. Muttering something Michael stood up quickly and quickly took them off along with his boxers. Standing before her in all his naked glory, Liz forgot breathe. He was so beautiful. The toned muscles of his abdomen, his tight ass, the corded strength of his legs, the jutting peak of his erection. Liz remained seated this time as she pulled Michael in front of her and kissed the head of his straining cock. Reaching for his testicles she cupped them gently before sucking his full length into her mouth. Maintaining a circling motion with her fingers she moved up and down his hard shaft. Pausing only to suckle at timed intervals.

Michael wove his hands through the silken cascade of her chocolate-colored hair and with careful pressure pulled her up the length of his body before pushing her back down onto the couch and positioning himself. He entered her body in one full thrust. Liz cried out and pulled him to her, she wanted him closer. She wanted him in her. He slowly began pumping his body, increasing the tempo of his thrusts, their strength, their rhythm. She was so close to the edge and as Michael lost all sense of control they both came. Shivers racked their bodies as the thunderstorm knocked out the power, lightning the only thing illuminating the dark room, and as they held each other on the small couch.

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