Wednesday, January 25, 2017

seriously romantic: the list by tawna fenske

when cassie michaels is forced to bring in her computer to computer tech simon traxel she is embarrassed beyond words. her computer has frozen on a rather incriminating document, the list. you see, she's been compiling a list of crazy sexy stories she's told her sisters, and that she might be expected to recount at her sister's upcoming bachelorette party.

cassie is a soil scientist, a girl who loves getting down and dirty with nature and who has always felt like she needed to prove something to her super girly older sisters. she's so mortified when she meets simon that he can't help being intrigued. she's so shy and the things on her list are so naughty that he wants to know more about her. he hasn't felt like that about anyone in a long time. simon has a bit of baggage. his younger sister has down syndrome and while he is wonderful with her, and she is portrayed beautifully by the author, he's found that the women he has chosen in the past don't respond well to meeting her. and since she is the only family he has left, that is definitely not the right response. simon is also super rich, an up-and-coming owner of a large chain of computer stores in the pacific northwest, who's been profiled by forbes and is a magnet for the gold-digger.

the gold-digger magnet thing makes him very wary of starting new relationships, but when cassie seems to have no idea who he is, he simply doesn't elaborate. instead he offers to help her out with really experiencing the items on her naughty list. the more items on the list they cross off, the deeper they find themselves in relationship territory, an area they both swore they didn't want to find themselves in. and when his secrets are accidentally revealed on a chance encounter, he handles things badly.

luckily, he gets his act together and gets over his weird hangups and goes after cassie. since it's pretty obvious from the get-go that they are perfect for one another. this is a fun, sexy contemporary romance, both cassie and simon are super likable, and it's really refreshing to see them get sorted out without a lot of drama.

**the list will publish on january 30, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/entangled publishing (scorched) in exchange for my honest review.

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