Saturday, January 14, 2017

seriously romantic: nine kinds of naughty by jeanette grey

lexie bellamy knows how to rule the boardroom. she's been at the top of her game since taking the reins at her family company and keeping the whole thing afloat while her brother figured himself out. in nine kinds of naughty now that he's back in charge, she has to fight even harder to stay on top, to lean in, because as a woman, no one is going to give her more than one chance to succeed.

and part of her success can be tracked back to her assistant, dane huntley. he knows what she wants before she even speaks the words. he's at her command, by her side every moment she needs him while he's on the clock. when he's not on the clock, well, she doesn't quite know what he does. his weekends are a mystery to her.

but dane isn't really that mysterious. he comes from a firefighting family, and his older brother died in a fire. and since then his mother has kept him in a bubble, and to please her, he's lived his life inside the lines. taking a temp job that becomes an assistant job. and keeping his weekends to be his true self, the dominant, risk-taker he is meant to be.

when lexie and dane are tasked with a work trip to spain to manage a merger negotiation, the sexual tension simmering between them hits a boiling point. dane knows that what lexie needs is for him to take control. he knows her like no one else, and he knows exactly what she needs. even if she isn't quite ready to accept it.

and once she does give in, she discovers exactly what she needs in dane's arms. but as they work through lexie's issues, dane is working through issues of his own. when lexie's brother is injured in a car accident and they spend time in the hospital with him, dane realizes that he can no longer take the stifling life inside the bubble. what he doesn't realize is that this is counter to lexie's plans of corporate domination with dane by her side. and so his need to be himself comes directly into conflict with lexie's fears of abandonment.

they get a little help from lexie's brother on figuring themselves out, but they do get there. and their story is sexy, emotional, and well-worth reading.

**nine kinds of naughty will publish on february 7, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/forever (grand central publishing) in exchange for my honest review. 

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