Friday, January 27, 2017

seriously romantic: the feeling of forever by jamie howard

when felix donovan meets juliet st. clair it's over. he knows that she is all he wants in his life. she's the person he wants to be with always. and juliet feels the same way. they may not admit it to each other right then and there, but it's love. it's true and strong and forever.

so why is there a whole novel about these two lovebirds called the feeling of forever? well, it's complicated. juliet is a famous actress with a stalker problem. a stalker problem so bad that she had to testify and has extra security now that he's out of prison. and felix, well, we met felix before in all the ways you saved me. he's ian's bandmate who ended up paraplegic after a freak accident. it's been a year and he's still dealing with the emotional trauma of the incident.

like he still hasn't let it be known that he's in a wheelchair. physically he's strong, he's fit. he's doing pt, he's doing all the right things. but mentally he's still not ready to accept that people will see him differently. he's not ready to accept that he must see himself differently. and that makes his connection with juliet so extraordinary. because she simply accepts that he is in a wheelchair and never lets it define him. he doesn't feel less than in her eyes and that makes him feel strong enough to just be who he is in public.

but as their relationship grows and deepens and he becomes precious to juliet, she is compelled to cut him out of her life. the evil stalker not only attacks juliet in such a way to have staged a suicide attempt, but threatens felix and her family. and juliet cannot bear to think of her loved ones suffering on her behalf in any way. and so even though it shatters her, she cuts off all communication. felix doesn't understand and fights for her until he's just about ready to give up. and then when the stalker kidnaps juliet and juliet's sister convinces him that something is wrong, it's almost too late.

but it's not, because juliet and felix love each other. they always have. they always will. from the moment they met it was a forever kind of thing. and sometimes it's nice to read a story where you're not really worried about the if, and just enjoy the when. when it all comes together it is perfect and sweet and you just close the book, or shut down your kindle, totally blissed out. (ok, so maybe that's just me. but god, i love a happy ending.)

**the feeling of forever will publish on february 7, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/st. martin's press (swerve) in exchange for my honest review.

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