Tuesday, December 13, 2016

superbly suspenseful: off the rails by jill sorenson

so i tend to be suspicious of american authors who decide to write in spanish. because a lot of the time they make stupid grammatical errors that pull me out of the story. in off the rails, jill sorenson does a very good job of using spanish language phrases, they are used realistically and she even has slang down. so color me impressed, a lot of authors mess this up and it drives me crazy. and you can just tell she's done a ton of research on mexico and the drug and immigration issues that dominate the u.s.-mexico border.

ian foster is a former border patrol agent as well as a former dea agent who is working with ice on a special case. his own actions as a dea agent have linked him to the case and he is sent into mexico to fix the problems he caused. somehow he can't stay away from the one person who made him break his cover in the first place, maría santos. he's been obsessed with her since he saved her life as a border patrol agent. and it doesn't matter how much time passes he is drawn to her.

and she feels the same way. he's the man who saved her from certain death. as impossible as their situation seems she finds that she can't stay away. and when the lead he is chasing follows the same path she believes her runaway brother has taken, there is no keeping her away from him as they navigate mexico avoiding corrupt officials, drug cartels, and random bad guys.

this is grittier than your average romance. there's suspense and danger. but at it's heart this is the love story of ian and maría. their path isn't easy. and it isn't pretty. but they do eventually find their way.

**off the rails publishes today, december 13, 2016. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/random house (loveswept) in exchange for my honest review.

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