Monday, December 12, 2016

seriously romantic: falling for the best man by amanda ashby

amanda ashby's falling for the best man is the nice kick-off to a category romance series. pepper, emmy, and bec are sisters who have allowed their differences to come between them. especially when it comes to their legacy from their great-aunt ivy, wishing bridge farm. homebody emmy is trying so hard to keep their great-aunts legacy in the family. she won't listen to her sisters' arguments that they should sell. and so as a last ditch effort she's started a vintage wedding planning business, using the farm's idyllic setting as a venue.

the farm is located in the tiny town of sunshine, connecticut, and emmy's got all the townspeople pulling for her to succeed, since the wedding venue business will help them out collectively. so when it turns out that the best man on the wedding that is launching this business is christopher henderson, emmy's one weekend stand that she stood up at the airport after bailing on a trip to fiji, well things get complicated.

at first it seems like emmy is behaving like a deranged person, particularly in her conviction that christopher is set on ruining the wedding. but when he finally proves himself to be a decent guy, by charming an irascible frenchman who happens to own the fifty doves that the bride has demanded be included in the service, she finally stops assuming the worst of him.

the biggest obstacle between them at first glance seems to be her need to stay home versus his need to travel. it happens to be that he is a travel journalist and he's got big plans to host a travel show in the near future. but the actual obstacles are her overgrown sense of duty and his fear of being like his father. and once they figure these things out for themselves, there's not much that can come between them. and really they are perfect for each other. (christopher is possibly the sweetest, dreamiest, most understanding leading man ever.)

**falling for the best man will publish on january 9, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/entangled publishing (bliss) in exchange for my honest review.

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