Friday, December 16, 2016

slightly silly: slingshot cops

slingshot cops is the latest motern media film--it's the supernatural, buddy cop movie you never knew you wanted. recognizing its independent, low-budget origins, slingshot cops is a fun-filled adventure. while it's entirely possible that i found this so funny because i actually know most of the people acting in this movie. my darling husband is the eastern european with the wildly varying accent.

but you can see that everyone involved is having a good time, and that makes the absurd plot of a supernatural being who steals people's senses--like actual senses, sight, touch, smell, hearing--an entertaining ride. there's political drama, relationship drama, workplace drama, and at its center is rusty sinclair, the criminal concern officer turned slingshot cop who is prepared to keep the town of woodsville center safe from fireworks and losing their senses. i may be totally biased, but if you want to support some independent filmmakers and all-around good people, check out and for more information on the movies and the fun.

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