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something from the archives: escapade

this is a quick little one-parter i wrote, probably in response to an episode. do you guys know that i have a mix tape i created based on my emotions following one of the season finales? ok, well you know now because i just told you how crazy i was about this show. it feels like this was all written a lifetime ago.


I. The Getaway

*Liz Pov*

All I wanted was to get away. Far far away.

I wanted to be somewhere where my past wouldn’t haunt me. Where Alex wouldn’t haunt me.

He was dead and it was all my fault. I had changed the future and had ended up killing my best friend before his time.

Well, actually, I didn’t kill him. But really my part in changing the future probably did him in. Hell, my letting him in the *I know an alien club* probably got him killed. I am certain that his death was caused by aliens. There is no way Alex would have killed himself. No matter what Max says.

Max. The other reason I need to get away from Roswell. He’s with Tess now. It’s pretty obvious. I saw them together in his room. And while I don’t blame him, after all, I pushed them together, I don’t want to have to hang around and watch them make disgusting puppy dog eyes toward each other.

Ugh. So I’m on my way to Sweden, looking to find the Olsen family, that is if I can find the Olsen family. From what I’ve been able to gather however, Olsen is the Swedish equivalent to Jones.

So I’m pretty much going to Stockholm on a mission.

Even though it means the end of my friendship with Max. I guess it’s about time I let go of him. It’s way past time I let go of everything he forced me to let go of.

Yeah. It’s his fault in the end. If I changed the future, it was only cause he asked me to. It’s his fault I know about aliens anyway. I hate Max. That is my new mantra.

I. Hate. Max.

If I repeat it enough, maybe I’ll believe it.

II. The Chase

*Michael Pov*

Maxwell is an idiot.

He goes off and screws around with Tess and lets Liz board a plane to fucking Sweden by herself. All I’m saying is that no wonder the Idiot King got us all killed in our past life. Especially if he spent his time on Antar thinking with his pecker.

So anyway, because Max has shit for brains I’m left to make everything better. So I follow Liz to Stockholm and track her down.

Lucky for me a gorgeous, dark-haired, petite young American sticks out like a sore thumb in Scandinavia.

Did I just think that?

III. The Encounter

*Liz Pov*

I hear a knock on my door. It’s pretty late and I wasn’t expecting anyone. But thought maybe for once in my life I got lucky and it was room service.

So I opened it.

And there was Michael.

Standing before me in all his glory.

And I was tempted to act out the unexpected.

IV. The Unexpected

*Michael Pov*

So I knock on her door.

And she opens it. She’s standing before me in a tiny baby tee and a pair of boxers.

And then she’s flung herself in my arms. And we’re kissing madly. Violently.

I can’t think. It’s too fucking incredible. It’s like a fantasy come true.

My every fantasy come true.

V. The Sex

Liz deepened the kiss, slipping her tongue between the fullness of his lips, running it across his teeth, darting around his tongue. The passion she was feeling grew to a heated intensity, she needed Michael. She wanted him, right then, right there. She couldn’t explain it, this need for him that was growing inside her.

But that he had followed her. That he had cared enough to come for her, meant everything.

She’d always felt an attraction to Michael. Ever since he’d taken her diary and read it. Ever since he had held her so tightly when Max had been taken. But she’d never thought to act on her impulses. Until that night. Until that moment.

Michael broke away from the kiss with a quick laugh. Looking at Liz under heavy lidded eyes, he asked, “Liz, don’t you think we should take this inside? The other guest’s might complain.”

“Hmmm. Right,” replied Liz rather grumpily as she pulled Michael in by his lapels and slammed the door behind him pushing him up against it. Devouring his mouth, claiming it as hers.

Michael was momentarily stunned by Liz’s aggressiveness, but quickly recovered. Holding her head between his hands he began removing the clip that had been holding it up. The strands falling like silk between his fingers. Moving his hands down her neck, he softly massaged her tense muscles, eliciting a moan from deep within her throat as she moved back slightly to unbutton Michael’s shirt. Michael moved his hands down farther, cupping Liz’s breasts through the flimsy fabric of her t-shirt, before also pulling it up above her head.

He wasn’t sure exactly why Liz had reacted to his presence before her the way she had. But he wasn’t about to complain. It seemed as if Liz’s goal was to ensure the fruition of his every dream. Because Lord knew he had been dreaming of this, well, basically ever since they started high school and she had started waitressing at the Crashdown in that ridiculously short uniform.

Pushing away from the door, Michael and Liz made their way into the room, dropping clothing haphazardly throughout, never releasing each other from their kiss. Michael pushed Liz back onto the bed, staring at her body as she lay naked before him. Liz blushed, pale pink flushing over her entire body as Michael smiled appreciatively.

He began by moving his hands over her smooth skin, touching her everywhere, playing with her tight nipples until she moaned for him and thrust her body towards his mouth. Gently he laved them, giving them the attention they sought before moving his lips down the bones of her ribcage. Licking, kissing, and tasting her skin on her abdomen all the way down to the nest of dark curls hid her wet femininity. He slid a finger into her slick folds and swept up and down before thrusting it into her.

Liz moaned his name out loud and spread her legs apart, allowing him further access. He increased the rhythm until she was moving against his hand with mindless desire.

“I want to taste you,” Michael groaned as he thrust his tongue between the sensitive folds that were Liz’s core.

“Mmmm. So good,” he said, the vibration of his words humming through her sensitive skin. Liz could only feel. Michael was her universe. In that moment he consumed her. The sensations sped through her body, every part of her that Michael touched sung; her heart was bursting with love. And as Michael suckled gently on her clit, she came tightening her legs around Michael’s neck. Crying out his name in ecstasy.

Slowly moving up her body, as it racked with shivers, from the way Michael was making her feel. Twining their mouths in a deep kiss, Liz and Michael gave over to the depth of passion that had taken over their souls.

“Let me,” she whispered in his ear before tracing its edges with her wet tongue and nibbling on his earlobe. She rolled them around so that Michael lay beneath her as she straddled his body between her thighs. Liz alternately kissed and suckled her way down Michael’s neck, paying special attention to where his pulse throbbed in a rapid rhythm. Her hands roamed over Michael’s chest, his muscles tensed, his nipples hardened in expectation of Liz’s onslaught of sensuality as her full breasts pressed against him. Raking her nails across Michael’s sensitive skin she sunk lower on her knees to capture one of his nubbins in a harsh kiss and began suckling it.

Michael’s hands had been caressing her back, her breasts, her shoulders suddenly tangled themselves in her lustrous hair as he arched his back slightly to give her more access to his body. Liz lavished attention on both his nubbins before continuing her journey downward, she licked and kissed the expanse of skin of Michael’s abdomen, whirling her tongue in his navel. Smiling as his cock jumped in response. Finally she reached her destination.

Reaching between their bodies, Liz tickled Michael lightly at the base of his testicles. Pressing a chaste closemouthed kiss on the bulbous tip of his cock before opening her mouth and sucking him in. Her tongue swirled around the smooth skin as she followed a rhythm guided by Michael’s hands in her hair. Up and down she sucked and rubbed until Michael abruptly pulled her up against him, pressing a heated kiss on her lips. “I want us to come together,” he ground out.

Grabbing the foil packet he had conveniently placed on the nightstand, he opened it and rolled the condom onto his protruding shaft. When he was ready, Liz slowly lowered herself onto Michael’s erection, groaning as he filled the aching void inside her. Together they began to move, thrusting their hips in a way that guaranteed everything they had been waiting for. Liz felt the tension growing inside of her, like an energy source that needed to be released somehow, and as Michael surged upwards in one powerful movement she lost all control. Together they climaxed, shaking and shivering in each other’s arms.

VI. The Aftermath 

*Liz Pov*

I’m still not sure what possessed me. Even as I lay here in Michael’s arms.

All I know is that I finally found the answer I needed.

What I needed in my life to make me happy, who I needed in my life to make me happy, was Michael.

Now all I had to figure out was if he would stay.

VII. The Aftermath Continued

*Michael Pov*

So I’m lying here with Liz in my arms. And I wonder how the hell I got so fucking lucky.

“Will you stay?” she asks me. As if I needed to be asked.

So I tell her the only thing I can, “Baby, I am never leaving.”

VIII. A Glimpse Into the Future

*Liz Pov*

It’s amazing how perfect my life with Michael is. We’ve never felt the need to go back to Roswell. After all, what the hell could possibly be waiting for us there? Max and his alien wife? Maria and her whining? Self-involved Isabel? Enlightened Kyle? Actually, I kind of miss Kyle but he’s not enough to make me go back there.

I have three beautiful children. A wonderful husband.

We did go back to the US, after travelling around Europe for a bit. We figured out what had caused Alex’s death together, while saving the pod squad’s asses and finding a way back to Antar in the process. Not that Michael would even consider leaving me.

He joined the Air Force. It’s amazing how easy it was for him to forge all sorts of tests, with his powers. I help the government in their extremely secretive scientific research. Together we watch over the others from afar.

Maria eventually moved on from her break up with Michael and got herself a singing career. Kyle and Isabel got married. Max and Tess went off in space and showed up again ten minutes later, miserable and bogged down in a hellish marriage. Not that I could ever summon up much sympathy.

So we’re happy. Ecstatic. And I love him so much. Much more than I ever thought I’d ever love anyone. Quite frankly he is my life.

IX. Another Glimpse Into the Future

*Michael Pov*

I’ve got the best wife. The best kids. The best job.

We never went back after Stockholm. Our lives changed irrevocably after that. We stayed up that first night, all night. Making love and making plans. I confessed how much I loved her. Which was huge for me, after all I wasn’t known for being open about my emotions. And Liz, I thought for sure she’d need more time, but she didn’t. She loved me, she’d always loved me.

I’m telling you Maxwell is an idiot. The biggest idiot I have ever known.

But his loss was my gain.

Liz, Andrew, Cecilia, and Amelia were my life. And I will love them forever. And I will never regret any single moment of my life with them.


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