Friday, December 2, 2016

seriously romantic: in your arms by shannyn schroeder

sean o'malley plays the part of a rough around the edges, overgrown man-child, bad boy. in fact, he's everything that emma long avoids when it comes to relationships. when it comes to one-night stands, however, she's a little more open to the idea of a bad boy. and when their paths cross in your arms the sizzle starts up between them immediately. except that emma doesn't get quite what she expects from sean.

he is more than just the bad boy. i mean, in some respects sean is a slacker and he is definitely a man-child, but no one has given him a reason to be different. until emma he's never wanted to try to be different. and this is the one thing i found frustrating about the novel, she wants him to be different but assumes he can't be and never really gives him the chance to prove himself. he has to fight for all of his chances. and yes, he messes up a couple of times, some with more reason than others, but he also is the one consistently putting himself out there and getting no credit for it.

when emma and sean are together though, you see why they work as a couple. the chemistry is just right. the way they fit in each other's lives is also seamless. i've never seen two characters work so hard to deny the fact that they were in an adult relationship. it was fascinating.

and when they finally make it to being on the same page, you see all the good places they can go. here are two people who were meant to be. and the author does a really nice job of developing and growing the characters both within and outside of the relationship.

**in your arms will publish on december 27, 2016. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/kensington books (zebra shout) in exchange for my honest review.

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