Wednesday, December 7, 2016

seriously romantic: reached by ally condie

i know it took me awhile, but i finally finished re-reading the matched trilogy. reached is the conclusion that brings cassia, ky, and xander's stories full circle. picking up right where they left off, they narrate the events of the rising and life after the end of the society. and we get to see the problems of a rebellion that only really signifies a change in leadership rather than a fundamental societal change. so much planning goes into the moment of obtaining power and not enough goes into how to keep it and keep the peace.

in their own ways, cassia, ky, and xander discover that fundamental change is not something easy to attain. as the poet, the pilot and the physic, they represent and are pivotal parts of the rebellion and society. the journey of self-discovery takes them to unexpected places, beyond the boundaries of the society that they knew. and they suffer loss and still find a way to survive.

in reached we finally get to see xander's point of view. as much as people might make of the love triangle, there's no real drama in it. cassia and ky are clearly meant to be together. seeing xander's perspective lets him become something more than a romantic foil. he realizes that maybe there is something for him outside of his comfort zone, and as he falls in love with someone unexpected he becomes someone different in a good way.

cassia and ky are kept apart a lot of the novel, by distance, by illness, but the story ends with them together forging a new future, living among the ashes of a new society, hopeful that what will come next will be something that allows them to forge a new ending to what should have been their story. even though to some extent the end is left open, this is certainly a conclusion to the story, and one i enjoyed.

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