Friday, March 10, 2017

slightly silly: shadowhunters, season 2a, episodes 9-10

the secret is out! the secret is out! okay so only jace and alec know the truth at the moment. but i'm so glad that the fact that clary and jace aren't siblings has been revealed. also simon is a daywalker now! so much happened, especially in that last episode. it was all so good. 

i just need simon and clary to be over. i'm just not a fan.

i'm not writing very coherently about this. episode 9 was actually pretty unremarkable, it was all about getting all the pieces in place. but then episode 10 just blew everything up. like i said, so much happened! the not siblings reveal. magnus and alec exchanged i love yous.

(doesn't that scene give you like all the feels. this show makes me ridiculous and squee!)

simon is a daywalker. 

(thanks to jace's pure angel blood. they actually have a couple of good scenes together.)

valentine is now captured.  izzy got off the yin feng. and someone took the mortal sword. 

(is that sebastian?)

it's all super crazy. now to wait till june. 

boo! i'm off to watch ridiculous fan-made shipper videos on youtube. #teamclace

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