Wednesday, March 1, 2017

slightly silly: riverdale, episide 5: heart of darkness

heart of darkness puts the jason blossom mystery back in the forefront of the action. on a completely shallow note, when people keep talking about how handsome he was, i just don't see it. he looks like an awkward-looking dude. the casting department here did an amazing job, because the actors playing jason and cheryl do look related, but the features that look weird on a dude's face look pretty on hers. anyway, it's hard when you have a character who is a mystery for #reasons and yet because he is dead we also have to connect with all these other characters who are in mourning (or at least have #feelings about the fact that jason died) and yet we don't share that history or connection with jason.

this is sometimes where the show struggles with the mystery. like maybe it should have pulled more of an everwood and just had him be comatose? i don't know, maybe that wouldn't have worked either. at the very least, having jason's memorial as the event that will bring all the characters together gives us a good way to see how they are all connected and their feelings about one another. people in riverdale are so interconnected, the parents all have a past that is still in play. the more we learn about their past, the more we understand what is happening in the present day, and it also informs the younger generation's relationships. there are rivalries that go back generations, and the more we learn, the more tangled the web gets.

having betty and jughead team up to investigate is really working for me, because they are at the heart of the web, connected as they are to the founding families. but they are also outsiders to an extent. even though betty should seem like the perfect insider, the mystery of polly and her connection--her engagement!--to jason and betty's weird and controlling parents make her as much as an outsider as jughead.

also, jughead is asexual in the comics, but he and betty have some crazy chemistry. but it's also nice to see their friendship. the one thing i've enjoyed about the recent episodes is seeing how these characters interact with each other. relationships are things i enjoy reading about and i enjoy watching develop. this is why i read romance novels. this is why i like romantic comedies. i'm not there for the story which generally is boy meets girl they fall in love and after #obstacles they live #happily. this is also why i prefer television to movies. i like spending time with characters, i like the slow burn of seeing feelings, emotions, ties grow between them. true friendship can be just as fulfilling as romance to watch on screen. i live for this kind of stuff, i love it.

speaking of romance, both andrews boys saw some sexual tension amp up with the lodge ladies. and archie also seems to have a thing going with val, of the pussycats. even though archie's struggles to choose between music and football continue to be totally uninteresting to me, the moment between him and veronica on the bench in the hallway was so full of subtext. god, i love subtext.

anyway, i just feel like finally we are getting to know these characters, and there is still so much left to learn. here's hoping we finally meet the mysterious polly next week.

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