Friday, March 10, 2017

seriously romantic: the real duet by meghan march

i was so excited when the real duet released, i know i posted about both books on release day. i actually read them a while back, but i was booked solid with other recaps and reviews, so this is the first chance i've had to tell you how much i loved banner and logan.

and i was so relieved too. i really disliked the dirty girl duet. like the more i think about cav the less i like him, and the less i like those two books. but there's a scene in dirty love, where you know that banner and logan are totally getting it on, and it's such a relief from the other drama happening in the book at the time--honestly it's only because it happens so close to the end is why i didn't just start reading real good man. because it is such a pleasure to finally see what was happening that lead to that awkward moment in the hallway in dirty love.

banner regent is such a fun character, her outlook on life is sunnier, her live in the moment, no-holds barred attitude towards life is such a joy after having been stuck with greer for two novels. (i'm sorry i can't help myself, i really disliked those two books, it's really a shame.)  and one thing i appreciate about logan brantley is that while he is a total alpha he is not a jackass, and doesn't just assume that banner needs to be told what to do. he really is open to her making her own choices. these two characters are actually perfectly suited to one another.

from the moment they begin their relationship via text messages you know that they are well-i think my biggest criticism of the two novels is that 1) there is no reason for this to be a two-novel set other than business because there simply isn't enough plot to justify two novels and 2) the cliffhanger is barely a cliffhanger and resolves itself like two pages into the second novel.
matched. and really their story is just a question of sorting out the obstacles in their way. because the reality is that no matter what they are saying on the page, these two are not letting each other go. no one else can make them laugh or burn with passion the way they do for each other.

but it's doesn't matter, because i enjoyed spending time with these two characters regardless. so their story was light and funny and sexy. it was an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. i gobbled the two novels up super quickly and they put a smile on my face. so all-around, that's a win.

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