Wednesday, March 15, 2017

slightly silly: riverdale, episode 7: in a lonely place

we're at the halfway point of the first season, and it's pretty clear that jughead is the heart of the show. we got a few tantalizing hints of his backstory during "the last picture show," but "in a lonely place" takes us even further.

the episode opens with a vision of old school archie and friends, a vision that quickly gets off the rails and lands straight in archie and jughead's fractured friendship. for once archie plays a supporting, supportive role, and this works. he is less doofus archie andrews, and is understanding and there for jughead in a way we haven't seen all season. but finally we see how this group of kids can be friends. and if only they weren't trying so hard every single second with veronica, who certainly has chemistry with everyone they've stuck her with, it's just that so far her storylines leave a lot to be desired.

the war she has going on with her mom is lame. the way she chooses to act out, lamer. the clubbing scene with kevin, josie and reggie didn't make any sense. why is veronica telling everyone she knows that her mom forged her signature? if everyone knows, why doesn't anyone speak up about it? forgery is a crime after all.

and then there is fred. poor stupid fred who has no idea what the seedy underbelly of riverdale is hiding from him. it makes sense that archie is his son. neither of them has any sense. they are do-gooders who fail to see that every one else around them is committing a thousand sins. but hey, for once at least they are partners in the obtuse. archie couldn't possibly be the only idiot on the show.

meanwhile, betty and jughead are following through on a relationship. it's new, it's sweet, and actually archie isn't at all sure how he feels about it. finally he's getting a taste of his own medicine, but he deserves it and betty and jughead are better off together than with archie, so it's really all good.

things with polly are coming to a head. and jason's murder investigation takes one step forward and two steps back. in the end we see jason's letter jacket handing in fp's closet. and you know that things are going to get a lot darker in riverdale before we see some light. so we take the light moments when we get them.

but first we have to endure a two week break.

what am i going to do without this bit of teen fluff in my life?

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