Tuesday, March 28, 2017

seriously romantic: crazy for you by rachel lacey

emma rush has loved ryan blake forever and always. and in crazy for you, she finally decides that the time has come to take a leap. ever since she lost her entire family before she turned 20 she's been in a holding pattern. she wants to get a degree in landscape architecture and design, she wants to own her own landscaping company, she wants to be with ryan blake and she wants to jump off a cliff with him by the end of the summer.

ryan's best friend was emma's brother. and he promised to look out for her. and how can he break a promise to his dead friend? even if it's what emma wants, even if it's what he wants, the fact remains that a promise is a promise. but when emma calls his bluff and threatens to see other people, ryan can't stand back any longer. and once he stops holding back, there's nothing to stop the love and the passion and the sweet friendship that emma and ryan share from blooming into a full-blown relationship.

but emma is leaving at the end of the summer. she's got dreams to chase and ryan doesn't want to be the one to stop her. and he doesn't want to hold her back. and he promised her brother he'd stay away. so realistically speaking, once ryan gets over his hang-ups he and emma should be okay. he does pull the idiotic romance male lead thing and tries to make all of emma's decision for her in her best interests. which goes as well as you'd expect it to. but once he and emma manage to start communicating again, they find that the kind of relationship magic they share is a rare gift. one worth holding on to.

this is another solid entry in the risking it all series. we also get to see a little bit more of jess and mark who will feature in can't forget you the final book in the series. and what we've seen hints at a very emotional finale to the series. i can't wait!

**crazy for you will publish on march 28, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/grand central publishing (forever) in exchange for my honest review.

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