Tuesday, March 7, 2017

seriously romantic: one wild night by melissa cutler

in one wild night, skye martínez is looking for the one. she wants marriage and babies and picket fences and love. and as much as she's looked everywhere for the one, all she has to show for it is an annulment--and the emotional scars of losing her baby and discovering her husband was a lousy cheat on the same day. so the one thing she thinks she can do without is passion. passion is what got her into her disastrous first marriage, and she's not about to repeat her mistakes.

except after a string of lousy dates, she's dying to feel a spark with someone. so when she encounters a mysterious stranger in the barn at the resort she works at she is intrigued. gentry wells, bad boy country music star, doesn't expect to meet up with anything interesting in his midnight visit to the stables. he just wanted to get away from the pressure of performing and the pressure of producing new material when nothing speaks to him. but with his presence required at his label exec's daughter's wedding, there's nowhere for him to go.

those stolen moments with skye somehow inspire him, the music and lyrics that had been just out of reach now can't get written quickly enough. and just when he's decided to track her down the day after their encounter in the stables, she crosses paths with him again. and when they both come across the bride and groom on the verge of calling the whole thing off, skye and gentry end up helping them run off to nashville for the wedding of their dreams. and maybe it's just that they get caught up in the excitement of helping someone elope, or maybe that's just the excuse they needed to succumb to the passion that they've felt spark between them since their midnight horseback ride.

gentry and skye come from different worlds, and skye is convinced that she just needed to get this extra bit of wildness out of her system. and then she can continue her search to find the perfect husband and future father of the children she so desperately wants. and she intends to hold strong, but gentry doesn't stay away. except this time their wild adventure ends in disaster.

it solidifies gentry's feelings for skye and his commitment to a future with her, while skye is running scared. she worries that he isn't serious enough, that he is too wild, that together they are too wild and that they could flame out and she could lose everything. and this loss would be worse than the loss she experienced four years ago. but gentry isn't giving up on skye. and he goes about winning over her nearest and dearest and proving that he means it when he tells her she is the one. and it's so romantic. the way skye and gentry connect is incredible, you know that they are dying to be in each other's arms whenever they are in the same space. and watching gentry woo skye is so sweet and emotional. and when they finally get on the same page, it's absolutely perfect.

i really loved this novel. skye and gentry's story was filled with the perfect mix of passion and emotional depth. they don't have an easy road of it, but all those bumps make their love and happy ending so worth it.

**one wild night published on march 7, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/st. martin's press in exchange for my honest review.

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