Thursday, October 6, 2016

something from the archives: headlong - part 8

things get a little crazy in part 8, to see how they got there catch up with parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 at the links. to see what happens follow the jump.

Part 8

It had been a week.

A horrible week.

Michael had slammed doors and refused to speak to her at all.

Liz was at her wit’s end.

Not only was she confused about her feelings toward Kyle, she was really angry with Michael. How dare he be so unaffected? It had been a big deal that she had slept with him, and he was acting like it had cost her nothing to forget everything she had always thought she wanted just to jump into the sack with him.

Actually, that was sort of what was bothering her. The fact that it had been so easy.

Today she was going to talk to Michael. No matter what.

She was going to tell him. She wasn’t sure what yet.

That it had been real.

That it had been good.

That she had no idea what to feel.

Liz was pretty sure she hated Michael. Why was it always easier for guys?


It had been worse than he thought.

It was all over between them. Michael had blown his chance.

And the one thing he had learned was that one night with Liz would never be enough.

Not only had his entire week sucked. He was pretty sure that the rest of his life was going to as well. Because without Liz at his side he would never be happy. He was trapped in his lie. And he didn’t dare tell her the truth, because he was pretty sure that the truth would drive her away completely from him.


Liz heard the door slam and walked out to the common area, surprised to find Kyle instead of Michael standing before her.

“Kyle, what’s wrong? You never slam the door.”

“What? Oh, sorry,” Kyle ran his hand through his hair and threw the briefcase he held in his hand against the wall, before struggling to yank off his coat and toss it into a heap beneath the coat rack.

“Kyle? Are you okay?”

“No. Guess where I was today Liz?”

“I have no idea,” Liz had never seen Kyle this agitated, he was usually very even-tempered. Gently she took his hand and led him into the kitchen. Without a second thought she whipped out two bowls and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Fudge Brownie Madness.

“I stopped by Isabel’s…ice cream? Do I want ice cream?”

“Yes, believe me you do,” Liz smiled at Kyle.

She wasn’t really in the mood to hear about his latest fight with the Icy Isabel, but she needed the TLC. She hadn’t been able to pig out with anyone and obsess about Michael and his idiotic guy behavior.

“Ok,” Kyle said as he picked up a spoon and took a bite from the bowl Liz had served him, “So I stopped by Isabel’s…this is good ice cream…you chicks have some good ideas…anyway and she’s in bed with someone else.”

“Oh my God Kyle! She was cheating on you?”

“That’s not the worst part.”

“What could possibly be worse than she was cheating on you?”

“Who she was with.”

“She was with Michael?” Liz asked, visions of Michael in bed with Isabel suddenly filling her head.

How could he do that to her? To Kyle, his best friend? It was a good thing she had not said anything to him. She was better off without him.

“No. Why would Michael want to sleep with Isabel? She’s not his type at all. No she was with some girl.”

“Kyle, you’re kidding me?” That was a curve ball Liz hadn’t been expecting.

Isabel a lesbian, well. Now that she thought about it kind of made sense. But Kyle looked devastated. He had really cared about her. Liz leaned across the counter to envelop Kyle in a hug.

“No. And you’d think…hey this is every guy’s fantasy come true, two chicks going at it…but no way Parker. Isabel she was way into it, more into in than anything we’ve ever done. Do you think I’m a bad kisser?”

Kyle wrapped his arms around Liz’s small frame. His characteristic good humor striving to make the best of a bad situation better.

“Kyle…God. That’s terrible. I’m so stunned…um…I’m sure you’re a great kisser.”

Liz pulled away slightly, and stared deep into Kyle’s baby blue eyes, before tentatively touching her lips to his.

He lifted her to him as one kiss suddenly went wildly out of control.


“Max, will you get out of my office already?” Michael said exasperatedly.

He’d been trying to leave the office for the past hour. He’d come to the conclusion that Liz deserved to hear what was going on inside his head. And maybe she’d choose him. After all, Kyle was happy and taken. He could come in second as long as he was with Liz.

“Come on man, you’ve been moping all week. Forget this Liz. Screw her. And screw all women too…in fact that’s exactly what I have in mind.”

“Give it up. I think it’s time I talked to her. I should probably tell her it was all a setup.”

“Dude how do you think she’ll take it?” Max asked suddenly sombre.

“Not well. I’ll probably call you later, and then you can take me out for the booze and bimbos.”


Max could hardly contain his glee at the prospect of a night out. Even if it came at the expense of his friend’s heartache. It had been his experience that heartbroken friends were great girl magnets.


The taste of chocolate flavored their kiss, the lingering sensation of cold fanning their ardor. Liz wrapped her legs around Kyle’s waist as he lifted her up onto the counter. She kissed him as she ripped off his buttoned down shirt. He pulled the tank top she was wearing over her head and took in the sight of her breasts. Smiling slightly, he took another bite of ice cream before capturing her nipples with his mouth. She screamed as the frozen confection melted against her skin and his tongue laved it away.

Liz wasn’t about to be undone, scooping a spoonful she trailed it across the sensitive skin of his neck, laughing as he shivered. Then she licked it away, sucking at the point where his pulse leapt, leaving behind a light purple welt and sticky ice cream.

Kyle unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants to the floor. Moving his hands beneath Liz’s skirt he pulled off her panties, before teasing her heated flesh with his fingers.

“Oh Kyle, now. I need you now,” Liz murmured desperately as she moved against his touch.

Without any further thought or action Kyle plunged his hard cock into Liz’s wet core. She wrapped her bare legs around his waist, moving up and down to match the rapid rhythm of his thrusts. Pulling him closer to her as she surrendered to the mass of sensations that had overtaken her.


Michael walked into the apartment, quietly. The foyer was a mess, it looked like Kyle had been really involved in taking his clothes off when he got in. Michael smirked slightly and walked towards the kitchen.

“Oh Kyle, now. I need you now.”

His eyebrows rising at the plea he heard. And he didn’t think to place the familiar voice, as he turned the corner and felt his heart break into a million pieces.

Kyle and Liz, moving together in ecstasy on the kitchen counter.

Without a word he fled.

Max was right.

Screw women. He needed booze.

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