Wednesday, October 26, 2016

seriously romantic: to the edge by anna del mar

to the edge is the second book in the at the brink series. but it is a standalone and there is no requirement that you read the series in order, since i had no trouble following the story without the first book. to the edge is about clara luz and noah blake. they fell in love as teenagers but were separated by clara's mother before things could get too serious. except it was already too serious.

in the intervening years, noah and clara do not forget each other. they also suffer emotional and physical trauma. clara's mother is a state senator, and she has controlled clara's life since the moment she was conceived. clara works for her mother's foundation, but bucks against the restraints kept on her by running a successful sex blog. when a fellow blogger encourages her to try bdsm for an article that could provide greater exposure to clara's blog, clara jumps into the scene without thinking twice.

but when her first encounter goes badly, she is rescued by noah. she hadn't seen him since they were teenagers and she believes he left her without a word. meanwhile, noah was told to stay away from clara or else, an order he wouldn't have obeyed had he not believed that clara was indifferent. that first meeting was shocking to both of them. but it also proves that the sparks are still there.

and when clara asks noah to be her new dom, he can't bring himself to say no. and so they both explore their relationship. and they both look for ways to heal from the trauma that keeps them from fully committing to one another. the book explores ptsd and sexual and emotional trauma, and how alternative lifestyles can be healing. and even more than that how lowering all your walls and allowing someone else to see what makes you vulnerable can be healing.

at the end, clara and noah find a way to be together in spite of all the obstacles.

**to the edge will publish on november 14, 2016. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/carina press in exchange for my honest review. 

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