Sunday, October 2, 2016

seriously romantic: p.s. i like you by kasie west

so this first full week of october, i'm going to focus exclusively on young adult fiction, some recently published, some upcoming releases. i don't know if there is a young adult week out there in the blog-o-sphere, but in my little corner that's what we're celebrating. and to kick it off i thought i'd start with kasie west's p.s. i like you. which is a quintessential young adult novel.

here's a quick run-through: quirky girl hates popular guy for #reasons. then she sees him in a new light and things begin to change between them. #misunderstandings abound and then everyone kisses and makes up. i mean that is a totally reductive way to look at the plot, because honestly what makes this book great isn't what happens in it, it's the characters. lily abbott has this great, sarcastic sense of humor. she's got this unique sense of style, but she also knows who she is. she might not be the most popular girl in school but she has the self-confidence to be exactly who she wants to be. sue she has her moments of self-doubt, but the truth is, she doesn't really care what others think of her. it's only when cade jennings is around that she gets sensitive and prickly. and you'd think she'd wonder more about why that is, but she doesn't.

lily has this great, crazy family that reminded me of my own, because just like in her family we were two older girls and two younger brothers. my parents weren't as creative or artistic as her parents, but the vibe of total chaos at home definitely rang true. one of the things that is nice about this novel is that lily comes to know cade in two ways, via the letters they exchange in chemistry class and in real life as she comes to realize that there have been times where she has misjudged him or misunderstood his reasons for doing something. as they both start to let down their guard around each other, you really start to root for these two crazy kids to figure it out.

there are some really nice moments in this book, dreamy in that sweet dreams romance kind of way. this book isn't re-inventing the wheel when it comes to young adult romance, but it's sweet and fun and the characters make you care about their happy ending.

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