Thursday, October 6, 2016

seriously romantic: matched by ally condie

i read matched for the first time on a trip to hawaii. i lugged the huge hardcover books in my carry on and basically devoured the series while at the beach and on the plane and the spare moments we were hanging out in the hotel room. this is dystopian ya at its finest. i needed an audiobook for my drive to work, and i decided to read this series again.

the society that rules the world in matched believes in order and perfect matches. everything is programmed for optimal performance. your life span is predetermined for maximum enjoyment. cassia has never questioned the society before. she has been looking forward to her seventeenth birthday and to her matching banquet, and to her great happiness they take place on the same night.

when she is matched to her best friend, xander carrow she is happy but sad too, because she will never have the thrill of getting to know someone new. it's not necessarily fair, because she could have let their pairing let her see xander in a new light.  the thing is, she does try, but when she goes to look at the microchip, it's not just xander's face that she sees. a glitch occurs and she sees the face of someone else she knows, ky markham.

the society tries to explain this error away to cassia, but she can't help but feel drawn to ky. when they end up paired during their hiking leisure activities, they get closer and cassia begins to question the rules that the society has always operated under. the control is absolute, and rebelling could have disastrous consequences not just for cassia and ky, but also for their families.

but when your eyes open to injustice, when you've experienced something forbidden and suddenly realize what it means to feel alive, there is no turning back. an ordered existence can't be enough. but to reach the highest of the highs, you have to risk it all. and that is what cassia does, and where that will take her...

well, that's why there is crossed.

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